Disney Pixar Cars World Exists In A Parallel Universe!

What Sentient Species Are The Vehicles In Disney Pixar Cars?
Disney CarsTop flight psychics, seers, and mystics with an eye into the worlds of parallel Universes have indeed confirmed that Disney Cars is real! In fact it’s a parallel Earth with virtually the same history as ours except instead of humans, and animals, as we know them, everything are biological vehicles of some type. Interestingly enough the plants are basically the same as we know them here. More or less we all exist there as some manner of motor vehicle as disturbing as that seems. The souls of humans have been mystically detected as residing in these sapient vehicles! Read The Rest Of The Story On Our Halloween Blog…

Is Game Of Thrones Real? What Planet Does It Take Place On?

Is Game Of Thrones Based On A True Story?
Game Of Thrones Dragon GirlGame Of Thrones is an HBO fantasy television series about the battle for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, and the lives of the noble families within.  It appears to take place in medieval times here on Earth at first glance. However the map  (Geographic Features) shown during the shows introduction clearly points to another planet, or an Earth in a parallel Universe with drastically differing geography.  There’s also blatant supernatural aspects to the Game Of Thrones that wouldn’t have been seen so openly in our own medieval history due to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact more or less moving the paranormal world “underground”.  Dragons had been slayed from their planet much like ours until the birth of three new ones.  The rebirth of dragons in our world would have caused Dragon Slayers to flock forth, and eradicate them with extreme prejudice. The Mother Of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, cannot be burnt by fire which was witnessed by numerous people.  However without photographic evidence this could skirt past the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Their witchcraft seems to stay below the radar of the general public but the Alchemists produce paranormal substances like Wildfire.  There’s also the powerful paranormal creatures, known as The White Walkers, who are masters of snow, and ice.  In addition the seasons of their planet last several years, and their length is unpredictable. It’s been suggested the cause is magical rather than astronomical in nature (Here are some non-mystical explanations for long erratic seasons).

The Known World of the GOT reality appears to be what we would know as Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East with a hint of Africa. Most of the action in Game of Thrones takes place in Westeros. Author of the series George R.R. Martin has stated that the continent of Westeros, meant to be an enlarged Great Britain, is roughly the same size as our continent of South America.  There are also three other continents mentioned: Essos, Sothoryos, and Ulthos.  It’s unknown if the GOT planet has an equivalent for The Americas, or The New World.

As with most works of fiction they are real in various parallel Universes, and Game Of Thrones is no exception.  The similarities to our own middle ages culture suggests it’s an Earth in a parallel Universe where our planets geography evolved differently.  You can also take into consideration the vastness of our own Universe.  With 100 billion galaxies, septillions of stars, and even more planets it’s quite plausible that another world could coincidentally be somewhat similar to ours.  After consulting some of the top psychics, seers, mystics, extraterrestrial communicators, and parallel Universe vision quest masters we have found that the Game Of Thrones actually exists not only in parallel Universes on alternate Earth’s but also in our reality as well.

It seems The Game Of Thrones as we know it took place approximately 3 million years ago on a planet called Zemlja. The planet Zemlja is not only in a galaxy far far away but also in a different Galactic Supercluster as well.  The Hercules Superclusters (Within The Hercules Cluster – A2151) some 500 million lights years away to be exact.  This map gives you some idea of where the cluster is based on our own Virgo Galaxy Supercluster in the center of it. Coincidentally Star Wars is real as well, and takes place nearby in the Ophiuchus Supercluster. Our supernatural sources indicate that the GOT society advanced to the point of creating a grand galactic federation cooperating with other extraterrestrials in their region of space.  Eventually ascending to higher dimensional Godhood at least one million years ago.  It’s also thought that these technologically ascended ET Gods may have influenced George R.R. Martin, and inspired him to create Game Of Thrones to tell the story of a pivotal point in their ancient history. It’s thought that a variety of ascended alien societies psychically influence writers on various planets to tell their story throughout the Universe!  If you happen to become a master of bending the space-time continuum to your will then you could indeed literally be in the real life Game Of Thrones!

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What Happened To Amelia Earhart?

he True Final Fate Of The Aviator Amelia Earhart Is Revealed!
Amelia Earhart was a famous female aviator who disappeared over the Pacific Ocean on the way to Howland Island July 2nd, 1937.  She was attempting to circumnavigate the globe in her Lockheed Electra airplane via the Equator.  There have been many theories about Amelia’s vanishing act including a misinterpretation of data leading to the belief that she was abducted by extraterrestrials. Some even claim to have found fragments of her airplane, and suggest she was a castaway on a deserted Pacific Island. There’s even been recent talk of her skeletal remains being found. There could very well be fragments of her plane but the real paranormal community knows the truth about her unusual disappearance.

The good folks down at Pinkerton Paranormal, a secret division of the famous Pinkerton Detective Agency, were the first real supernatural organization to look into the Earhart disappearance on the advice of a powerful unnamed psychic. They concluded their initial investigation on August 14th, 1939 weeks before the outbreak of World War II.  Erratic electromagnetic readings in the area were confirmed to be consistent with the manifestation of some type of paranormal porthole.  The psychic felt Amelia entered another dimension.  By the early 2000’s most of the supernatural community, including Mystic Investigations, had concluded she was sent to a somewhat similar parallel Universe based on a number of supernatural sources.

The specific type of electromagnetic activity is now known to be associated with random sub-atomic level quantum fluctuations that happen naturally on
a regular basis around the world, and throughout our Universe.  Fluctuations that open portholes, and in essence shift people to alternative realities that usually appear identical to this one at first glance.  Although they generally have some subtle differences, and in some cases drastic differences. There are numerous classified cases of people appearing out of nowhere who clearly are not from this particular Earth.  One of the most famous leaked cases is a man in 1954 who arrived in Japan with an authentic passport from a non-existent nation.  Naturally the government keeps the quantum fluctuations, and the parallel Universe travelers a secret to avoid public panic. However it’s not that far fetched that anyone could fall victim to the metaphysical manifestation of a parallel porthole.  This is far different from the five dimensionally travels everyone makes to virtually identical parallel realities while traveling four dimensionally one second at a time into the future. These natural daily travels in time, and dimension are simply a product of our movement through the Universe across multiple unseen dimensional planes despite only observing ourselves moving in the third dimension.

In January of 2010, with advanced top secret technology, Pinkerton Paranormal duplicated the specific quantum fluctuations that created the electromagnetic activity. Their intent was to send a high level Wizard Master, named Evan Blackman, to a parallel Universe. A top flight practitioner of magic was required so they could return to this reality to report the findings of the parallel investigation  The Wizard Master Blackman found himself in January 2010 of another reality.  A reality where Earhart completed her equatorial circumnavigation of the Earth successfully!  The history books said she reported a brief flash of light that resulted in a momentary engine stall, erratic instrument behavior, and violent shaking of the aircraft with some metal pieces falling off on the way to Howland Island.  Thankfully the repairs required to the craft were minor.  Other than that, and a bad storm over the Indian Ocean, she stated all went well on the historic flight that resulted in a ticker tape parade upon her return to the United States.

Amelia Earhart’s New Parallel Universe
Apparently she did have some reported memory lapses but they are clearly explained by the differences in her reality.  She never had a clue she was in a parallel Universe, and dismissed psychics who tried to inform her of this fact.  It turned out that the future of her new reality was very different from ours.  It seems Nazi Germany won World War II due to Adolph Hitler wisely remaining allied with Stalin’s Soviet Union rather than attacking them like a fool as he did in our Universe.  In our reality we know he was possessed by a demon for a time, and this resulted in him going quite mad. In that Universe a mysterious man came to his aid, and initiated an Exorcism that took place early on. The man also advised meds that toned down Hitler’s megalomania, and delusions of grandeur along with giving him valuable strategic information!  The war ended with a treaty between the United States, Germany, the USSR, and Japan. Great Britain became apart of the Germans European empire despite protests from the USA that had no choice but to capitulate, or face possible war devastation of mainland America. Especially since Hitler showed proof of his nuclear capabilities. However in 1964 The British War For Independence broke out as rebel British, and Irish forces banded together to attack the Germans.  President John F Kennedy supported the effort, and secretly sent weapons & supplies the British. The war effort was successful resulting in the freedom of Great Britain, and Ireland in 1965.

John’s assassination failed on November 22, 1963, and a conspiracy was uncovered that led to the highest levels of government.  The plot was perpetuated by powerful plutocratic corporatists that wanted to subvert the Constitution! It turned out that Lee Harvey Oswald really was a patsy, and he got out of jail after serving 15 years. These were the same people who took out Robert Kennedy as well so he was also able to live out his natural life as well. Amazingly enough Ted Kennedy never turned to the bottle for solace, and kept more in line with the ideals of his brothers.  Ted served as Vice-President under his brother Robert in the 1970’s.

As of 2010 in that Parallel Universe the top superpowers engaged in perpetual cold war are the German Empire (led by Hitler’s son, Hans Hitler, after Adolph’s death in 1972), and the USA along with allied powers (Under President John Kennedy Jr. who never died in that plane crash which was also staged by the Powers That Be!). The Empire Of Japan(Including its territory of China), and The Soviet Union had a falling out with Germany when they attempted to assert authority over them.  A brief war resulted in 1984 with no clear winners.  Both the USSR, and Japan are each others allies, and compromise a powerful rising third superpower. Interestingly Vladimir Putin is considered a Russian terrorist who leads the top rebel faction looking to end the USSR.

Amelia Earhart went on to become the first woman in outer space under the German Empire space program that began in 1952 beating out both the USA, and USSR.  In our reality the USSR’s Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space. Unfortunately the atrocities of the Holocaust never came to light in that Universe until the late 1970’s. However thankfully the number of innocents who died was exponentially less since it was the demon possessed Hitler who pushed the hardest for this dastardly deed! Although unpossessed Hitler still followed through to an extent. So without a compelling reason to refuse the Germans Earhart pursued her final goal of flying into space, and orbiting the Earth with the only viable space agency at the time.  In fact a number of astronauts from other nations took part in the German space program in the name of neutral science, and exploration. Amelia flew into space four times before retiring in her late 50’s. In her memoirs she stated her disappointment of not being able to go to the Moon in 1966 on a joint US-Japanese first manned mission to the lunar surface. The German Empire followed later on in 1970.

After Amelia’s husband George Putnam died in 1950 she later married a wealthy philanthropist named Jackson Shallington in 1958. Interestingly enough Shallington appears to not exist in our own Universe.  In her memoirs she made it quite clear he was her true soulmate. Amelia spent the rest of her life as an aviation advisor to various government agencies, and think tanks in a variety of nations. She also was the spokesperson for her husband’s Philanthropic foundation that aided in many just causes around the globe. Earhart ended up dying on October 3rd, 1971 at the age of 74 due to a mysterious illness despite becoming a vegetarian & exercising regularly.  The Wizard Master Blackman brought back a copy of the autopsy report from the parallel reality, and various supernatural scientists have concluded that she was undergoing subtle quantum fluctuations from the moment she arrived in her new Universe.  Not enough to shift her to a third reality but enough to begin altering her atomic structure.  This in turn altered her cellular matrix causing degradation that eventually lead to sudden massive organ failure.

We believe it was Amelia Earhart’s destiny to travel to another reality because here she would have been too old to join the US space program, and realize her ultimate dream. Incidentally the first US woman in space within our reality was Sally Ride in 1983.  Now you know that Amelia’s story wasn’t prematurely cut short, and she led a long productive life!

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