Do The Baby New Year & Father Time Exist?

Baby New YearYes, the Baby New Year and Father Time are in fact real supernatural entities who are actually one and the same. The Baby New Year grows to senior adulthood through the course of only one year.¬† It’s a way for Angels, non-human in origin, to experience being a biological entity. This includes the aging process but not various other hardships. It’s a far less invested way to experience life here as opposed to becoming an Earth Angel that lives out an entire human life.ūüėá

Angels Line-Up To Volunteer As The Baby New Year

The Baby New Year and Father Time also serve various paranormal purposes both essential, and ceremonial in nature.¬† Each year a council of Archangels chooses a new Baby New Year from a pool of volunteer Angels. The Angel’s¬†soul is then translated into the form of a human baby boy¬†like entity that is placed into the care of the previous years Baby New Year who is now the new years Father Time. They’re only males because male was the dominant form in human culture for a great deal of human history. Interestingly enough, non-human origin Angels have no gender, to begin with.

The Baby Spring & Old Woman Winter

There is a lesser known somewhat equivalent ceremony where an angel is placed into a feminine baby form called the Baby Spring who grows into the Teen Summer, the Adult Autumn, and then Old Woman Winter. Old Woman Winter then takes care of the next Baby Spring. Old Woman Winter is no relation to Old Man Winter, aka Jack Frost. Although he has attempted to make various Old Woman Winters his wives with little success! Just as Santa Claus blesses the Baby New Year so does the Easter Bunny bless the Baby Spring. Mrs.Claus often meets with Old Woman Winter on various matters as well.

The Baby New Year Becomes The New Father Time

On New Year’s Day, the previous years Baby New Year is now an old man who is the current years Father Time. It’s only at that point he regains full memory of his Angelic Heavenly existence.¬† In essence, the Baby New Year is the infant¬†Father Time of the current year.¬† He ages 10 years for every month on Earth. Eventually, he reaches the age of 120 by December 31st.¬† The Father will live to a maximum of 240 years old during his two years on Earth. After serving as Father Time for one year he then returns to Heaven on December 31st of his second year on Earth. Despite the advanced age Father Time is a powerful paranormal being and is by no means weakened by his geriatric state.

Father Time Passes The Torch To His Successor

On New Year’s Eve grown Baby New Year¬†is left alone as his Father Time ascends to Heaven. Before that, he passes the ceremonial hourglass off to his successor and wishes him the best of luck. Now, the new Father Time, he awaits the Heavenly birth of the next Baby New Year¬†at a random mystical location.¬† A location he figures out through various clues, and signs. It’s a final rite of passage to earn¬†the title of Father Time. An Angel descends from Heaven and is transmuted into a biological superhuman baby out of thin air from our viewpoint.¬† At that point, the New Year has officially begun.¬† The new¬†Father Time begins the journey of parenthood as he mentors the new child. ¬†He is also occasionally joined by Mother Nature, aka Goddess Gaia, the living soul of our Earth. Old Woman Winter may also act as an Aunt of sorts.

Who Is Father Time?

Father Time is the Angelic ruler of any given year on Earth. He oversees the planets events, Father Timereports any issues to the Heavenly Archangel hierarchy, and chronicles the history of humankind. He also records the events of all creatures on our paranormal planet for the permanent Universal historical record. Similar beings also exist on alien worlds as well so there’s plenty of openings for eager Angels. Besides his record keeping, and Earthly monitoring duties, Father Time also has temporal powers. The Father regulates time on Earth and can alter time for emergency purposes.¬† It allows him to time travel to the past for various reasons including speaking with past or future Father Time’s.¬† He also has the authority to reset time globally for various reasons which might include mass exposure of the supernatural world to the general public. ¬†Father Time¬†is mentioned in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact¬†when it comes to this important duty. There is also mention of nature deities with chronokinetic powers having to take a back seat to him when it comes to time manipulation.‚Ź≥

The Momentous Metaphysical Masterpiece Of The New Year’s Ceremony

The New Year’s transition to a new Baby New Year and future Father Time is a pivotal, and delicate metaphysical moment¬†that’s essential to the continued flow of forward time. It is a celestial ceremony that must take place or else time will freeze, or possibly even repeat itself globally. The sensation of time passing us by is ultimately courtesy of our movement over the four-dimensional space-time fabric of our reality. However below that is is a pure non-corporeal consciousness information foundation that can be affected by the human collective consciousness. Unfortunately, this is a vulnerability that nefarious figures have tried to take advantage of.¬† Luckily they’ve been thwarted time, and time again! ¬†Happy New Year 2019!ūüéČ

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Is Goddess Gaia Mother Earth Real?

mother-earth-gaiaYes, the Goddess Earth is real, and we live upon her body which is the planet herself. ¬†When the Omniverse God created Earth and other complex life-bearing planets in our Universe, he was¬†surprised¬†to find that a soul spontaneously manifested in some cases. ¬†This normally occurs once the planet is teeming with life and everything begins working in a clockwork symbiotic manner.¬† After over 4 billions years of our planet existing without a spirit, Mother Earth was finally born 252.28 million years ago as a sapient consciousness.¬† She became the very soul of Earth itself. ¬†Unfortunately Gaia’s birth, and initial self-awareness, inadvertently¬†caused the greatest mass extinction Earth has ever seen. ¬†The Great Dying, or¬†Permian‚ÄďTriassic Extinction Event¬†caused up to 96% of marine species and 70% of¬†terrestrial¬†species to become extinct thereby disrupting Gods evolution program. ¬†Evolution being a pre-programmed software of sorts on the hardware of the Earth within God’s pure consciousness¬†matrix.

God realized that the soul of the Earth was intertwined in its destiny so he re-programmed it to fit Gaia into the equation. ¬†Later on, the Devil would hijack the evolution program again to create the dinosaurs and a race of sentient¬†humanoid¬†dinosaurs. The Devil also tried to bring Gaia into his web of deception but she would have no part in his intricate mind games. ¬†Despite being more powerful than her he could not capture her for she was the very planet itself. ¬†Mother Nature’s power would later surpass the Arch-Demon Devils abilities when God adopted her as his Heavenly daughter. She then joined the elite ranks of The Sons & Daughters Of The Omniverse God. Their power is third in line to the Omniverse Personifiers that include The Darkness!¬† However, this made the Devil even more determined to acquire her power for his own nefarious ends!

You can feel Goddess Gaia’s rage¬†in earthquakes,¬†volcanoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and other violent natural phenomena. ¬†This increases with each passing year as humankind, and also sinister supernatural beings, continue to destroy her holy vessel on which they live. ¬†Mostly she¬†neutralizes¬†as many negative effects as she can in order to save the Earth and her very life. However mass deforestation, pollution, and the premature extinction of animal species continues courtesy of human hands. A price initially paid on every planet that evolves a sapient species of intelligent life! ¬†Despite her fits of anger she has never been more weakened between the¬†devastation¬†of her surface and the lack of worship among humans. ¬†The Earthly Nature Gods and Goddesses gain more power when human souls worship them, or even just believe in them. ¬†This belief gives them access to the enchanted metaphysical and non-corporeal energy that souls can provide. ¬†Unfortunately, in modern times we have the lowest belief level for the nature deities¬†since¬†monotheism, and even atheism have become king.

Thankfully Mother Earth is an immortal Goddess who has existed long before there were humans to worship her. ¬†Gaia will never die even if Earth is destroyed. ¬†If the Earth were destroyed it’s possible she could resurrect her planetary body. ¬†She could also possess another planet or simply move into the Heavenly dimension above to take her place as one of God’s daughters. ¬†In the end, though it’s unlikely she would allow her Afterlife plane of reality, The Paradise Plane, to perish for it’s anchored to the physical Earth. The Paradise Plane is¬†a hauntingly beautiful haven for the spirits of all dead and extinct animal species along with being the realm of numerous nature deities under the guidance of Goddess Gaia. ¬†She utilized time travel to ensure all the species that died before existence live on forever! ¬†It’s plausible as a disembodied Goddess she could phase her metaphysical energy into a solid metaphysical matter form creating a new Super-Earth. ¬†A planet of pure solid light energy where the immortal spirits of all life could live on for eternity in paradise. May everyone have an Enchanted Earth Day! [Twitter]

Has God Ever Walked Among Us?

Has God, aka the Holy Lord, ever taken a physical human form to mingle with his creations?

god-walking-among-usBy God we mean the God of the Omniverse, or beyond to the Macroverse level.  What the average person would just call the Universe.  Certainly the Earthly Gods (Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc.) have walked among us.  As for the Omniverse God some count Jesus Christ as God but he is only the first son of the Omniverse God.  Since he was fathered through a biological process he was a Demigod.  However if he directly translated from his Heavenly form then he would be considered a God.  For the record his official title is that of God Of The Multiverses, and also Vice-God Of The Omniverse.

There are a sparse few recorded incidents in secret ancient historical records that indicate the presence of the Omniversal God was among us.¬† It would be fair to say there are probably a lot more unrecorded manifestations since he most likely walks the Earth in a stealth manner.¬† We’re not counting manifestations like burning bushes.¬† We’re talking an appearance in human form.¬† It’s safe to say that observing everything within ones mind wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the curiosity of an omnipotent entity.¬† He has most likely taken the form of every animal, and plant at one time or another. Much in the same way we enter our minds in our dreams.

The first recorded incident in human history supported by other ancient scrolls was Gods stroll through his newly formed Garden Of Eden.¬† There was a point in his programmed evolution process, also altered by the Goddess Gaia, where humankind was reaching the point of being considered the image of God.¬† He took it from there, and formed the Garden Of Eden where he brought the first official human man, and woman to life.¬† At some point later on he took a human form, and walked through the garden.¬† It’s unknown whether it was a biological or pure energy form like that of a hologram.¬† The Bible account leaves a lot out including the fact that God walked side by side with Mother Nature, aka Goddess Gaia.¬† Although it’s said she walked a quarter step back out of respect, and in awe of the Holy Lords presence.

The last known visit was in the year 666.¬† The last time the Devil was able to take physical form.¬† The Devil had plans to prematurely father the Anti-Christ, and was about to wipe out a rare isolated European village of God fearing people who were pure of heart.¬† God appeared, and said,”You shall not triumph this day Lucifer.¬† Your rebellious spirit has deeply disappointed me.¬† I damn you back to Hell my wayward son!”¬† With a wave of his hand the Devil was whisked away screaming into a vortex of red, and white swirling lights.¬† God then broke bread with his last truly faithful flock of humans.¬† That day he imbued them with immortal powers, and told them they would be needed at the time of Armageddon.¬†¬† Until then he asked that they watch over the innocent, and the weak in his name.¬† These superhuman warriors, and guardians of God still walk among us.¬† They are called The Watchers but little else is known about them.

In addition physicists believe there are duplicates of ourselves not just in parallel Universes but across all reality based solely on the fact that there are only a finite number of combinations that particles can form into.¬† This means that versions of ourselves exist in other Multiverses, outside this Omniverse, and all across the great infinite expanse of the Macroverse.¬† Those unique particle combinations that are us vibrate at a certain frequency that matches our very souls.¬† So by this random phenomenon the Omniverse God, who was once a biological being him, or herself, would come into biological existence, once again, within their own Omniverse.¬† Said biological being would have no clue they were the Omniverse God but the Omniverse God would have memories of it.¬† So you could very well be the God of this Omniverse without knowing it.¬† Of course ultimately most of us are already a God of some other Omniverse as we believe under the theory of Godhoodism.¬† Still there’s something special about eventually finding out you’re God of your own Universe.¬† So God does walk among us, and we have all known him in one parallel Universe or another.