Why Returning Spirits Of The Dead Don’t Remember Heaven?

The Return Of The Dead

Sometimes the dead do return or at least communicate with the living. Contact in communication form can happen with Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), within dreams, or through a professional Medium who speaks with the dead. Mostly this supernatural communication is with those who have already moved on into the light of the Heavenly afterlife. However, it can also be with Ghosts who have unfinished business and have yet to ascend to a higher dimension. The dead themselves occasionally return in a metaphysical energy form we would call spirits but the term ghosts can also be used. Some may perform self-resurrections or be resurrected by magical practitioner’s as sapient zombies. A possession of a human is even possible!  Even rarer is a complete reconstruction into a metaphysical matter matrix! Halloween and Day Of The Dead are the biggest days for visiting spirits.

Metaphysical Memory Loss

In all the encounters in the paranormal record of the returning dead, there is often a convenient memory loss. They don’t seem to remember the Heaven, Hell, Underworld, or other Afterlife they just came from seconds earlier. Or if they do it can only be described in abstract terms that don’t really yield the full extent of its secrets. There’s no evidence they’re lying as Mediums and other psychics could sense that. In addition, many only seem to remember the good times in their former life on Earth with little memory of the bad events. Some find this irritating as they want a detailed description of the afterlife for their own reassurance. Others want to discuss negative issues they had with the deceased spirit in their former life. Yet the spirit appears to avoid such issues unless a pressing matter of life and death is at hand. So what is the cause of this memory loss?

You Don’t Go To Heaven Until You’re Permanently Dead!

We see the same thing with dead frozen people who may be alive again someday. Many become ghosts with no hope of seeing the portal of light to Heaven. Once thawed out they have no memory of being a ghost! It’s the old you can’t trick the Universe into thinking you’re dead just to take a peek at the afterlife. From a higher dimensional view, the person isn’t dead until their last point of existence here. Of course, that doesn’t apply to those returning or communicating directly from the afterlife. In those cases, there isn’t some nefarious force censoring things. There is a logical explanation for the memory loss.

The Veil Between Life And Death

The fact is that even a simple communication with the dead is a return of their spirit to an extent. Certainly a lot lower level than mustering up the enchanting energy to appear as a ghost or focusing their spirit into possessing someone’s mind. Still, communication can only be achieved by the spirit crossing the vexing veil between life and death. Mingling metaphysically in the chaotic astral dream plane itself can cause confusion! Something that takes place when one is first born as a biological human on Earth. We most certainly existed as a spirit before and may have existed forever into the past as apart of the Macroverse God. When dealing with higher dimensional temporal mechanics all logic from our limited three-dimensional viewpoint goes out the window!

Dimensional Jumping Causes Memory Loss

The higher dimensional memory loss of biological birth has more to do with the physical brain itself. Our soul only uses it as an interactive conduit with this world and all previous existence is filtered out. However, any crossing between higher dimensions is a re-birth and the great veil of life and death is a memory filter of sorts. In addition, descending to a different dimensional form causes temporary loss of memories in the lesser body. Even as a metaphysical energy being there is a still a physical geometry and only so many memories it can contain. Only the completely non-corporeal Macroverse God can have infinite memories.

It Was All Just A Dream…

When one ascends to Heaven after death they exist in a fantasy realm of pure love and joy. They are reborn there and see their life as a dream. It’s just like waking up from a vivid realistic dream that quickly fades. Although you remember the best parts…well, of course, you also remember the horror of a nightmare. Unfortunately, here you’re in this imperfect harsh world and not the 100% positive protective energy of Heaven. We must also remember that many negative things might be associated with physical pain imprinted on our biological brain. In Heaven, we have a metaphysical energy mind that can no longer feel such pain and on top of that can directly absorb loving energies! This ethereal mind also explains how a deceased spirit acts somewhat different than you remembered them as a human. When a spirit returns here they don’t really regain the negative memories unless you really repeatedly remind them. The memories still exist deep down. The longer they reside here the more likely they will emerge.

Memory Of Heaven

The memory of a complex higher-dimensional Heaven, on the other hand, is an information overload with indescribable qualities. Between the dimensional descent and astral plane veil filtering there is very little detailed memory of the afterlife left. Even Near Death Experiences are often hallucinations of our brain based on what we think the afterlife is or what we feel we deserve at a sub-conscious level. When it comes to Heaven all we get are warm fuzzy descriptions of being greeted by family and floating about a white light that is God. No details on what is actually going on there and what the grand plan is for all existence. Still, those of us in the supernatural know are aware that the purpose of life is to acquire knowledge and wisdom through our experiences here and in other Parallel Universes. We continually ascend to higher dimensions combining with our parallel selves in each dimension. Eventually, we ascend to varying levels of Godhood to create our own Universes and sentient species who in turn ascend as well someday. The cycle culminates within the source of everything in the Macroverse God.

What Happens When A Werewolf Dies?

How To Terminate A Werewolf?

Werewolves in their monstrous form can only be killed by silver bullets and related implements. There’s also being overwhelmed by holy artifacts that directly attack their demonic based DNA. This includes holy water which can burn a werewolf. However, it would take a major fire hose load or tank of the stuff to actually eradicate an unholy wolf of this nature. Complete incineration in holy fire would do the trick but regular fire would work with a bit more effort. Just be sure the corpse is completely disintegrated! The use of highly poisonous Wolfsbane is another option. The delivery system is key. This can include lacing some bait, shooting the werewolf with wolfsbane darts, or even a liquid delivery often mixed with holy water. Beheading has been known to work but there is a slight chance of the head regrowing an entirely new body! Some powerful Practitioners Of Magic can manipulate lunar energies and actually return a werewolf to human form thereby neutralizing the immediate threat!

Werewolves In Their Human Form

In their human form Werewolves are more vulnerable to standard destructive attacks but they still heal rapidly. Some of the supernatural methods above are actually less effective as the demonic elements of their physiology lie deeper than in their wolf form. There are small windows of opportunity for the person to seek treatment by a paranormal professional. In Werewolf form, things like silver are far more devastating along with nobody wanting to aid an out of control monster out for flesh and blood!

The Moment Of Werewolf Death

Once The deed is done and all hope of restorative powers are lost then it is time for a Werewolf to meet his or her maker! When no full Moon is present then a Werewolf will let out a final hellish howl and display a bright enchanted eye glow as they return to human form. This glow indicates their cellular bulk being burnt into metaphysical energy that might normally heal and resurrect them from serious injury. Said energy literally goes to demons to feed off of on Earth, in the Underworld, or Hell! This mass-energy production often provides the last fail-safe mechanism to save the werewolf’s life. Although, when silver or heavy use of wolfsbane and religious artifacts are in play the demonic Werewolf Virus, aka Lycanthrope Virus, is destroyed! The virus disintegrates and restores the DNA and the body to full human form. The glorious glow in their eyes flickers out as they lie in a pool of residual cellular goo and a giant mass of shed fur.

The former werewolf is now a human whose soul is released to Heaven. They are forgiven for any sins committed in monstrous wolf form. They don’t go to hell! If evil acts were done in human form then they might see a stay in Purgatory or some other pre-heaven dimension. Of course, this may be true of other evil individuals as well. Interestingly enough there is no chance of a ghost forming as a mad monster can’t face true psychological trauma. If the Werewolf was a rare disciplined one who was able to control their transformations and stay intelligently conscious then there is the possibility of a demonic spirit being born separately of the human soul. Said spirit could eventually become a Wendigo! Most modern werewolf packs are aware of this and often employ witches to create potions and spells to prevent this upon death.

Human Form Werewolf Death

When werewolves die in human form the eyes glow brightly as mentioned above. There is less metaphysical energy being produced and the light glow flickers away quickly. This indicates the final death of the human and the Werewolf! There is no chance of Wendigo formation but they could become a ghost if their death or life, in general, was deeply traumatic in some way. As a ghost, they would have no special powers related to their former werewolf status. Their body may display damage unlike one returning from werewolf form that will appear healed of all damage. Such an appearance is deceptive since the stripping of the demonic Lycanthrope virus deeply damages the human DNA. That is why a cure for the werewolf curse is thought to be impossible!

What Happens If A Werewolf In Human Form Dies Just As The Full Moon Rises?

Presuming the Lycanthrope in human form wasn’t killed by silver or some manner of religious artifacts, then a resurrection could occur.  Keep in mind, without silver, or religious artifacts, it would take a lot to kill a human who’s a Lycanthrope since they still have the ability to rapidly heal, and theoretically can’t catch any of the standard human diseases.  If they’re already in a state of dying the Werewolf transformation will generally cure them of injuries, and serious diseases.  Each month’s Full Moon provides a level of cellular regeneration and eradication of any degenerative conditions.  Even an amputated limb will grow back!  There are even a few ancient reports of beheaded werewolves growing a new body from their head!  However, the aging process will slowly continue giving the average Werewolf a lifespan of approximately 175 years with a maximum of 225 years of age.  If they’re at the end of their natural lifespan then there might be a slim chance that the full Moon will cause their fresh corpse to reanimate but they would only be buying a month or two of life.

There is some debate as to what the time frame is of a human Werewolf corpse for possible resurrection by Full Moon.  Most of the evidence seems to indicate that they have little more than 24 hours whether they’re lying on a slab in a morgue, buried 6 feet under, or anywhere else for that matter.  In the case of an embalmed body, they will come to life as a Werewolf but when the sun rises they will die again, and stay dead this time.  Some with connections to practitioners of magic may utilize Moon Goddesses and focused lunar energies to provide healing even from the dreaded silver, holy water, holy fire, etc.

Does Everyone Have A Guardian Angel?

Yes just about everyone has a Guardian Angel, and they’re on you right now like white on rice!   Even the Humans who are judged unworthy for ascension to Godhood across the near infinite parallel Universes. A multitude of realities where they lead an amazing number of lives encompassing just about every scenario within reason.  Ascending to Godhood is, of course, the ultimate purpose of humankind despite the establishment religions mantra of eternal servitude to God.  These guardian angels are there to protect the individual and make sure the various life scenarios can be played out to see how a person handles any given situation.  Protection from demons, various other forces of evil, and even just random chaos are the reason for these Heavenly watchers.

Naturally, you might find it creepy, and intrusive to have some invisible person watching every move you make in private.  Luckily we have some good news about that. Evidence deeply suggests that these guardian angels are actually you.  Heaven exists outside of time so your soul or Angel self already exists in Heaven with all the memories of your many lives.  Your first duty as an Angel is to watch over and protect yourself in any particular given Multiverse, aka collection of related Parallel Universes.  Yes, you also exist in other Multiverses and have multiple angel selves who will later be fused together in one Archangel self who can then choose to rise to Godhood, and start their own Omniverse, aka massive collection of Multiverses!

Clearly, it’s convenient to have yourself as a Guardian Angel since you wouldn’t want anyone else seeing every moment of your life. Moments that would inevitably include private compromising, and embarrassing situations. Whether it be sex or even using the crapper!  Thankfully your Guardian Angel also halts potentially awkward intrusions from the Afterlife.  The spirits of deceased family, friends, and even enemies who might phase into your reality violating your privacy.  Guardian Angels even have the authority to censor certain moments from Heavenly Angels. However high-level Archangels, and of course the Omniverse God can simply see everything long distance whether you like it or not!

Amazingly one Guardian Angel watches over all your parallel Universe selves in an entire Multiverse! This may seem like an impossible mission but you’re a higher dimensional super being who can simultaneously be everywhere at once. You’d simply be bored watching over yourself in only one Universe!  It’s hard to comprehend that at this very moment you exist in the first level of Heaven, aka the 6th dimension, as a 5-dimensional being.  A being of amazing power who exists there, and near every biological, or even mechanical body, your soul is intertwined with including right next to you at this very moment as you read this.  You’re smiling at yourself right now.  Just turn to your right, and smile back since guardian angels generally exist on the right side of a person.  Also when you’re talking to yourself you literally are talking to Yourself.  They’re answering right back at you but you obviously can’t hear them. So next time you see a person talking to themselves don’t brand them as a nutty kook, or a sad lonely soul.

Since your Guardian Angel has all your memories they know how your life is supposed to go, and cannot change anything under Universal Laws.   Most likely they wouldn’t want to because they’ve gone through your life, and learned valuable lessons.  They’re now living the sweet life in the great beyond with all their, aka your,  family, and friends.  Although I’m sure they, or you, don’t enjoy seeing you go through the various unpleasant situations of life.  When you look back and wonder how you got through the tough times it’s most likely your Angel self who gave you the strength to succeed. Your metaphysical anchor compelling you to bear the hardships of physical life.

A minute amount of people who are exceptionally evil already have their souls in Hell which isn’t a punishment for them.  They were simply destined to ascend, or more precisely descend, into Demonhood. Those who aren’t considered righteous yet aren’t evil enough to be wanted by the powers of Hell still watch over themselves without fully knowing their ultimate fate.  They still might be judged good in enough other Multiverses.  However, that’s unheard of.  Once they’re unified as an Archangel they’re informed they failed at life, and at that moment they will feel it in their dull hearts.  The unfortunate individual will then be mercifully blinked out of existence.  Man what a rotten note to end this article on. 🙂 Thankfully they exist in other Omniverses, and will always exist in some form in the greater infinite Macroverse.

So how do we know all of this?  You guessed it!  Years of extensive research into ancient secret scrolls, and texts with the knowledge of amazing mystics, and psychics who know the real deal of the great beyond.  Secrets kept from humankind by the religious establishments of the world for the purposes of command, and control.  Now you’ve been enlightened to the truth, and can live secure in your new found knowledge!

How To Communicate With Your Guardian Angel!

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