What Happens When A Demigod Dies?

The Birth Of Demigods

Demigods are the sons and daughters of Gods. The vast majority of the time we’re talking about Nature Deities. These deities mate with humans while in their biological bodies or in metaphysical form via the infamous Immaculate Conception. Although, the Immaculate method is extremely rare among the Earth Gods & Goddesses due to it being quite complicated to perform. There’s also the fact that such deities mate out of passion and therefore prefer to partake of the carnal acts. In the end, we gain a powerful God-Human Hybrid. An enchanted dual entity with the holy spirit of a God and the soul of a human.

The Death Of Demigods

Demigods are Immortal and extremely difficult to kill due to the holy connection to their parental Gods or Goddesses that also watch over them like Guardian Angels. Not even beheading or incineration in standard flames gets the job done most of the time. It is said only a God or another Demigod can kill one. In lieu of that, it is often necessary to utilize magical means or mystical weapons. When the untimely demise of a Demigod takes place one wonders what happens to a person who has a Godly spirit and the soul of a human all rolled into one?

The Afterlife Fate Of God-Human Hybrids

The Animal-God Hybrids known as Humans have had their souls strictly claimed by the Angels of Heaven for many thousands of years. Although, in the ancient past those who rabidly worshiped various Nature Gods would have their souls slated to be sent to that deities afterlife. When a Demigod dies they ideally ascend to full Godhood status in the higher dimensional realm of their parental God or Goddess. If it’s a Dark God or Death Deity then that means the Underworld. Although, even the offspring of non-dark Lords are often required to prove their worthiness by undergoing a series of challenges and trials in the blasphemous bowels of the Underworld. If successful their human soul is then harvested for its immense energy as a sacrifice to the parent. Often the soul is stored with others to create an enchanted energy reserve that is essential in battles against adversaries. Especially in the upcoming battles Of Armageddon.

The Hybrid Human Can Choose To Reject Their Dual Nature

Despite this Heaven leaves the door open to the human soul. Before ascension, the Demigod will see the white light portal to the higher dimensional afterlife most of us will enter upon death. If the Demigod enters then they forfeit their place as an Earthly God and become a complete human soul. The Godly spirit’s energy melds into the parental God strengthening them amid deep disappointment. This particular spiritual energy is not allowed entry into Heaven as it is considered unholy and Pagan in nature. Some Demigods who don’t get along with their parental God and also don’t want to be a human soul can be granted asylum in Goddess Gaia’s Mother Earth’s neutral Paradise Plane. This is an afterlife that exists all around us slightly out of phase with our reality. It’s a place where most non-pet animals and some supernatural beings go upon death. It is also a fantasy realm where Nymphs and Fairies frolic about with glee.

What Happens To The Human Parent Of A Demigod?

The Human Parent of a Demigod can have varying fates. If it’s a female then the paranormal pregnancy grants her the original lifespan seen in the first Alpha Humans. Usually in the 1000 year range! Upon death they can choose the Godly or Heavenly afterlife just like their Demigod child. A male human parent is given the same choice. However, their lifespan isn’t nearly as long. The magic of making love to a nature deity infuses their soul with a special energy that allows them to easily live to 150 years old. Some have lived up to 200 years! Of course, all of this depends on them staying in the good graces of the God or Goddess in question. If you suspect a potential lover is a deity then we suggest you vigorously pursue it!😇

How Does The Mind Of A Ghost Work?

What Are Ghost And How Do They Form?

Ghosts are the souls of humankind who simply refuse to move on into the light of the Heavenly afterlife. This is due to unfinished business, a lifetime of hell, or a particularly horrifying death. Sometimes even being in the grip of a Necromancer or Practitioner Of Magic can block a spirits passage into the afterlife.🧙‍♀️ For a ghost, the decision to stay on Earth happens at the sub-conscious level the vast majority of the time. A small percentage are so strong-willed that they consciously command their spirit to stay here! For most the deathly transition to Heaven is a natural automatic process. Although, since non-corporeal consciousness is the core of everything in existence we can potentially alter such paranormal processes with our own minds!👻

The Confused Mind Of A Ghost

Our consciousness as we know it resides in our biological brain while portions of our sub-conscious transition into a connection with our metaphysical energy soul. Upon unwilling transformation into a ghost, there is often a state of deep confusion as the apparition resides in a dream-like world. Quite often with little conscious awareness of the real world as they perform redundant tasks. This includes acting out their death or merely roaming about the place they died. The physical location their souls are spiritually tied to is the place they now haunt.

The Trauma Of Shedding One’s Biological Body

This stupefied state is caused by the sudden shedding of a ghosts biological consciousness thereby causing the sub-consciousness to become the only conduit for thought. Their soul or astral energy body-mind becomes a sub-level sub-conscious of sorts. However, it has the potential to become a super-consciousness that could very well grant them Godlike powers! The longer they reside on Earth and figure out how to interact with the physical environment the more they emerge from their confused mental fog. Ghosts who have existed for centuries can be immensely powerful due to mastering the use of their metaphysical mind-body and absorbing energy over time as well. Even figuring out how to tap into enchanted energy from the great beyond! This is why extremely ancient hauntings are rare or are in fact something analogous to the Stone Tape Theory. In essence, a recording programmed into the fabric of our reality by the redundant actions of ghosts who have long since moved on to rest in peace.

A Ghosts Mind Over Matter

Often interactions with physical matter happen by accident at the sub-conscious level. Later the more intelligent self-aware ghost will realize their astral energy and consciousness are one. They learn to focus their astral energy through the physical energy strings that compose our reality. Then into sub-atomic and atomic particles to grant them power in our world. For instance, making their ghostly apparitions appear is about willing their entire astral form to bombard electrons and then calm them down thereby creating photons. These photons create light in the shape of the form they see themselves as. More often in the final image of life within their sub-conscious. This is why sometimes ghosts appear to have injuries and deformations. Such paranormal activity usually requires siphoning energy from our environment. This creates the classic light flickering, electronic devices wigging out, communication device static, and ice cold spots of the quintessential haunted house.

The Manifestation Of A New Personality As A Ghost Evolves

Generally long before they would become something like a nature level God or Goddess they resolve what keeps them tethered to our physical plane of reality and pass on into Heaven. Unfortunately, a fair amount can become vengeful spirits and rather wretched entities due to the horrors they suffered in their life. Some may even meld with other malevolent entities to become perplexing poltergeists! They can even be people who were evil, to begin with. Misguided individuals who feel they were wronged by everyone when it was them who in fact brought misery to all!

The Truth Of Higher Dimensional Light

As a new consciousness forms with the melding of the sub-conscious and astral mind-body, a very new personality can manifest. Especially with the removal of biological organs, hormones, and biochemical reactions that once played a big role in that person’s state of mind. In the end, only seeing the light of the truth can make them find peace in the enlightening light of higher dimensional planes of existence! Interestingly enough, once people become human ascended Angels in Heaven they usually return in invisible ghostly form. The purpose is to attend their funeral and dwell among their loved ones for a time. During this process, they spread comforting enchanted energies to the living while providing themselves with much-needed closure on their life!😇

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What Are Ice Demons?

How Did Demons First Come Into Existence?
Ice DemonIce Demons, rather than Angels, are the true counterparts of Demons, Fire Demons in particular.  All Demons of Hell are Pyrokinetic masters of fire but there are high-level demons just below Arch-Demons who are known specifically as Fire Demons.  The manifestation of metaphysical, and physical fire by Demons is a result of their channeled violent rage. Demons were originally Angels, and the future Ice Demons were among those who rebelled against the higher dimensional Heavenly hierarchy.  They were led by the Archangel Lucifer who took issue with Humans & Extraterrestrials being allowed to ascend to greater levels of enlightenment, and power beyond even the Archangels.  Higher dimensional ascension that led to Godhood.  He attempted to take over Heaven, and the very Omniverse itself that is our God.  Fortunately, Lucifer never came close to overthrowing Heaven nor possessing the mind of God!

The rebellion was smashed, and the offending Angels cast from Heaven into the 5th-dimensional void.  From there many radiated havoc among the physical parallel Universes in their powerful Fallen Angel forms.  Thankfully their rage caused them to quickly descend into complete Demonhood.  Lucifer became the ArchDemon Devil and carved the Hell dimensions out of a chunk of the 5th dimension.  Dynamic metaphysical dark energy realms that can manifest as horrendously hot fires! Eventually, brief cooperation with dark Earthly Gods caused the formation of a physical Underworld Hell on Earth, and other planets, that actually linked to the metaphysical 5th dimensional Hell.

How Were Ice Demons Formed?
Some of the Fallen Angels were not rage-filled and only rebelled against Heaven as a last resort over sharp philosophical differences.  They remained Fallen Angels longer due to this but eventually turned into Demons because they were no longer linked to Heaven.  Once cast away these Fallen Angels followed a path of calmness, inner reflection, enlightenment, and even self-punishment for their failure, and eternity of darkness away from the warm light of Gods Heaven. They deeply regret following the misguided, and violent Lucifer to their own self-destruction as Angels.  These Demons truly embraced the dark desolate cold void of the 5th dimension creating a place called Purgatory.  A realm of lost souls looking to be saved, and cleansed of their sins so they may ascend to Angelhood.  Since it’s a dark void those who end up there can make it whatever they choose. Often on a sub-consciousness level. Even a place of scorching flames!

Did The Devil Ever Stay In A Trapped Elevator To Scare People? You Know He Did!

Unlike Demons, these Frosty Demons are masters of Cryokinesis.  Their phasing into our plane of reality often creates extreme cold, and they are responsible for such creatures as the Ice Dragon, aka the Frost Breathing Dragon.  Demons, on the other hand, created the standard Fire Breathing Dragons we know mostly from folklore.  Even though their numbers are small, Ice Demons oppose any Demonic incursions in our reality they come across.  They attempt to reason with their hot-headed cousins but when that fails battle takes place.  It’s said that the Ice Demons can encapsulate a standard demon in a suffocating cloak of absolute nothingness causing it to go crazy, and even temporarily lose its powers once truly cut off from Hell. In some cases the Ice Demons attempt to de-program, and make the Demon one of their kind.  They say that the phrase “When Hell Freezes Over!” comes from the Ice Demons one unsuccessful attempt to take over Hell. Despite being more powerful than a Fire Demon their numbers are simply too limited in scope to accomplish a takeover of Hell. Despite Ice Demons good intentions Angels usually refuse to acknowledge their existence but they also don’t generally interfere in their efforts to stop other Demons.

Who Leads The Ice Demons?
The Devil equivalent of the Ice Demons is a Fallen Angel, and former Archangel named Demon Of IceKhutsomier.  He is considered an Ice Demon but he’s the only one who has managed to remain in Fallen Angel status through sheer will.  This makes him more powerful than the Devil!  Unlike Lucifer, Khutsomier was not a pride-filled Angel with a huge ego, and he enjoyed serving the Lord, along with higher ranking Angels, for the most part. However, he wanted more out of his existence. He wanted to grow beyond the confines of Angelic life.  Hence his temporarily alliance with Lucifer in an attempt to conquer Heaven for what he thought was the greater good of all.  Now deeply regretful of his decision he leads the Ice Demons on a path of peace hoping to return to Heaven someday.  His attempts to ascend himself and his demons to higher dimensional enlightenment have failed since some type of spirit program activates in Fallen Angels that prevents them from going any further than the 5th dimension.  Since Khutsomier has no giant ego he hasn’t given himself a title such as the Devil who calls himself the Emperor Of Hell. Khutsomier is simply known as Khutsomier.  Although some do call him the Principal Of Purgatory.  Due to the low profile, he keeps there’s next to nothing written about him in mainstream human texts.  Everything we know comes from secret ancient texts, and scrolls only known to the real supernatural community.

Metaphysical Note: Non-Human or non-ascended Angels don’t have a gender.  Those Angels created directly by God to serve Heaven such as Lucifer, or Khutsomier, are neither male nor female. For the sake of simplicity, we refer to them as a male.