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Dogs Hate Pennywise

A dog wisely senses the pure evil of Pennywise even through the 2-D media of television! Thankfully, those with pets should have forewarning if the IT clown or other nefarious figures approach their humble abode with ill will.

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A Toddler Shares Her Snacks With Three Dogs

😃 pic.twitter.com/PN5nAvdA3z — César Hernando Castellanos Orozco (@castellanosce) April 13, 2019 A little girl shares her snacks with three puffy dogs wearing shirts. It’s comedy gold folks!

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The UPS Canine Costume

Does your dog love chasing down the UPS guy when he delivers your packages? Then why not try to foster good will by dressing your dog up like a UPS delivery person? This adorable little UPS costume comes in various … Continue reading

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Kids Have Halloween Fun

Nothing funnier than kids being chased by puppy in a lobster costume along with carving Jack-O-Lanterns, and trick or treating. Trick O Treating Begins At: 7:42

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