Halloween Store Won’t Sell Slenderman Costumes

After the horrendous crime of two 12 year old Milwaukee area girls being compelled by Slenderman to stab another girl, some stores have opted out of the Slender Craze. The popularity of Slenderman has exponentially increased in the 21st century thanks to the internet.  Many misguided youths, and even adults have been looking toward him as a savior when in fact he is more or less just another Devil preying on humankind.  Despite this fact we don’t believe people should be denied their Halloween costume of choice. Especially when they live in an innocent world where all things supernatural are imaginary in their eyes.  It’s probably the best place for most to exist because ultimately the stress, and helplessness of knowing about the real horrors of the paranormal is too much for the average person to bare.  If we allow Devil costumes then why not Slender Man?  When comparing atrocities the Devil has committed trillions more than Slenderman ever has!

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