Do Babies Born On Halloween Possess Special Powers?

Legend has it that people born on Halloween indeed have the power to see, and talk to the dead in varying degrees.  They’re also blessed with special protections from evil due to all the dark spirits that are let loose upon our paranormal planet on All Hallows Eve.  In enchanted essence babies acquire an immunity to evil itself.  In the same way a person will be healthier, and immune to more diseases if exposed to them in early childhood.  Many might not realize their power unless they’re made aware that it exists within them.  Others are so powerful that it naturally manifests.  Such individuals can be good or evil people because free will is the ultimate power. There’s also the fact that Halloween is about achieving balance between the forces of light and darkness. This is why fright, and fun are so intertwined in the Spirit Of Halloween. A supernatural Spirit more in touch with those born on Halloween than anyone else!

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