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The UPS Canine Costume

Does your dog love chasing down the UPS guy when he delivers your packages? Then why not try to foster good will by dressing your dog up like a UPS delivery person? This adorable little UPS costume comes in various … Continue reading

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Scary Slender Man Halloween Costume

Slender Man is one of the most popular supernatural beings to walk our Earth.  Naturally many would like to dress as this faceless silent shape-shifting entity whose known for his fascination with children, and mind control powers that cause adults … Continue reading

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Crazy Calamitous Clown Cult

What is it about clowns that can simultaneously bring joy, and terror at the same time? It’s the familiarity of the human form yet the unsettling nature of their outward cosmetically altered appearance along with their nutty behavior.  In the … Continue reading

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Realistic Bloody Sliced Finger Illusion

Utilize cosmetic techniques to give the illusion that your finger has been cut in half, and is about to slide off!

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