Goofs In The Polar Express Movie

The video above lists various supposed goofs and a round about review of the animated 2004 Christmas movie The Polar Express starring Tom Hanks. It’s also a great way to see the movie in a free condensed form courtesy of fair use. I feel a lot of the goofs could be explained by the fact that The Polar Express is a magical train infused with The Spirit Of Christmas. However, the train portrayed in the movie isn’t much like the real Polar Express that is one of several methods one may travel to North Pole City.

The real Polar Express is a joyous train brimming full of Christmas decor, Elves, and toys come to life dancing about with glee. Then there’s the prancing penguins and other adorable animals. In essence the enchanted train is an extension of Santa’s winter wonderland. The Conductor is a jolly gentleman much like Santa Claus. Also there’s no angry hobo living on the roof. The entire train is under a powerful protection spell to guarantee the safety of all passengers! Click Here To Watch The Polar Express Online…

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When Does The Christmas Season Officially Begin?

The Official Kick-Off Of The Christmas Season

Many think that the day after Thanksgiving, aka the dreaded Black Friday shopping melee, kicks off the Christmas season. As far as shopping it probably does. Although the corporations have been desperately pushing that back to the day after Halloween in the name of maximum profits. Some even attempt to advertise for Christmas before the Halloween Season even begins! Well before the emerald leaves first exchange their color for another of the rainbow. As far as the world of the supernatural the Christmas Season begins November 3rd in an effort to begin cleaning up the damage the forces of evil have caused on All Hallows Eve. The forces of good valiantly marshal their powers leading up to that most hallowed of days known as December 25th Christmas. Of course, simultaneously the forces of evil are still marshaling their own powers leading up to the diabolical Dark Christmas Day as created by the Anti-Claus. Thankfully that foolish day is no match for the raw paranormal power of Christmas!

So why November 3rd and not November 1st, the day after Halloween? The reason is that there are still two other paranormal holidays. October 31st is actually All Hallows Eve with November 1st being Hallowmas or All Saints Day. The only official day of the year Angels descend from Heaven to clean up any paranormal perplexities left by the forces of darkness on Halloween. Halloween is known for numerous violations of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. The higher dimensional pact states that regardless of a particular violation any, and all Angels may flourish on Earth within Hallowmas. The same clause gives this exact power to demons on the Anti-Claus’s Dark Christmas Day. The ability of demons to ascend to Earth, and clean up what they feel are any paranormal messes, and violations of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Although it’s really just an excuse to spread evil if they can. Thankfully most people are so protected by the Spirit Of Christmas that they don’t feel the demonic presence.

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Then we have November 2nd All Souls Day Or Day Of The Dead.  The day after the Angels Nature's Christmasascend back to Heaven leaving behind massive residual supernatural energy.  Something akin to a nuclear explosion spreading rampant radiation except that it’s actually good for you. Demonic entities are repelled by the energy but ghosts, non-demonic poltergeists, and other non-corporeal spirits feed off of the Angels enchanted energies.  This is generally the best day of the year to contact loved ones who have passed away into the great beyond.  It also aids confused ghosts into moving on into the light.

As November 3rd dawns the Spirit Of Christmas dwells upon the Earth absorbing the residual Angelic power. It begins to instill the sainted Spirit within humankind as the forces of the light marshal their power forth to Christmas Day!  So don’t feel silly if you wish to begin spreading good cheer, selflessly shopping to buy gifts for others, or decorating your house for the Christmas season.  Although it’s usually good form to wait a week after Halloween to remove your spooky decor and replace it with Christmas lights, nativity scenes, Santa Claus, Frosty The Snowman, Reindeer, Elves, etc.  Most prefer to wait until the transitional holiday of Thanksgiving while some celebrate the HallowChristmas with both Halloween & Christmas decor together. We hope you’ll have a Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and will enjoy a Merry Christmas through to the Happy New Year!

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Does The Mythical Road To North Pole City Exist?

How To Get To North Pole City

Teleportation into North Pole City was banned in the early 20th century as an ever increasing amount of people in the paranormal world became aware of Santa Claus’s existence. The threat of unauthorized incursions by magical forces of darkness became a very real concern! Not long before this, there were a handful of incidents that took place prompting Santa to take this action for the safety of all within the glittering ice walls of his sainted city. Of course, those with teleportation skills may appear near the city and then enter on foot if they have the ability to locate it along with being judged metaphysically worthy to enter. Most of us in the supernatural community fly to the North Pole by run of the mill jets. In some cases, Santa might send out flying reindeer sleigh taxis to various VIP’s. All air traffic usually lands at Saint Nicholas International Airport with its multiple runways.

Icebreaker boats are another option for sailing into the Arctic Ocean. From there one must see the mystical Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Light House as they make their way through the Ice Labyrinth to The North Pole Port. Others actually take sophisticated submarines popping up into North Pole or Frosty Port. There was talk of banning subs after the Russian Incident in the mid-2000’s! Then there’s the fabled train known as the Polar Express. This mystical invisible train riding upon a cloaked track has a limited schedule due to the danger of it being hijacked by nefarious forces of darkness.  It lies out of phase with our reality most of the time with the cooperation of Goddess Gaia. Other than holy temples it is one of the few structures outside of Mother Nature you’ll see in the Paradise Plane. A holy paradise that surrounds all of us unseen! A place where nature Goddesses, Nymphs, Fairies, and extinct animals live forever! Santa’s railroad built by Elves can be found on all continents except for Antarctica.

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Are There Roads To Santa Claus’s Winter Wonderland?

Before modern transport, it was quite difficult for most to travel to North Pole City. Especially if they didn’t have magical means. So Santa Claus and his Elf Construction Crew built a series of streets. Each continent contains roadways that travel directly to the North Pole. Even Australia and the South Pole contain these magically cloaked roads that travel over oceans via magnificent gleaming bridges. Interestingly enough our world is covered by invisible magnificent structures out of phase with our reality that was built by Elves other than Santa’s. Elves have always lived to build, repair, and clean everything in sight!

Collectively all roads leading to Santa’s winter wonderland are known as The Christmas Freeway, Christmas Street, or the North Pole Road. These roads start out as small dirt paths in rural areas often traveled by animals like bunny rabbits. They grow wider into paths of pebbles and then smaller paved roads. All eventually lead to a main intercontinental expressway that is paved yet is almost always snow-covered even in Summer! Unfortunately, there are only so many Elves to plow these roadways all year round.

The North Pole roads lie in Mother Earth’s Paradise Plane within their own bubble reality that is perpetually in a magical winter state. The very mystical aura of North Pole City and the Christmas Spirit radiates outward on to all of Santa’s streets. In fact, the central one on the North American continent connects directly with Saint Nicholas Boulevard. At the end of the Boulevard is Claus Manor the hallowed home of Santa himself! The road running through the border of Europe and Russia connects with Main Street and the majority of downtown North Pole City with its quaint Elfin shops and eateries.

As the streets are in the Paradise Plane under the influence of the holy Christmas Capital you can see the Christmas star, amazing auroras, shimmering stars, and other celestial wonders overhead. Often the surreal skies are dark when the North Pole is dark in the winter and sunny for the Midnight Sun of summer. However, people most often find the roads at night between the magic of the Witching Hour and just before the Devil’s Hour. You will come across all manner of friendly animals calmed by the Spirit Of Christmas. This includes woolly mammoths, polar bears, penguins, reindeer, fluffy white bunnies, dainty doves, and many more! Most of these animals are actually deceased and reside in the Paradise Plane as their Earthly afterlife.

How To Find The Mythical Christmas Freeway

Whether Magical Practitioners with good intentions, various supernatural beings, and humans with hearts brimming full of the Christmas Spirit, the roadways may first appear in a person’s dreams amid sweet slumber. Often as carefully crafted clues they follow to find the roads. All sub-consciously sent by the Christmas Spirit or sometimes Santa himself! Some people are out in the quiet of a winter rural night when they catch a glimpse of a glimmering street for just a second. Their eyes slowly open to the enchantment nobody else can see. For some, it is an epic journey of awakening and self-discovery as they find each successive path and street that leads to the final freeway to the North Pole. If none of this happens you can try praying to the Demi-Angel and Saint Nicholas to make your Christmas dreams come true!

Many end up walking as they don’t want to take a chance of getting their car and then not finding the road again! Those who are disabled will find they can walk briskly through the snow as long as they stay on the lane! Walking, horseback riding, sleighs, and even snowmobiling are recommended to commune properly with nature and stay in sync with the roadway all the way to the North Pole. At some points, the road actually intersects with the Polar Express. If you happen to find a rare PE train station you may be able to buy a golden ticket trimmed in red and green glitter and ride in luxury the rest of the way.

It is recommended you dress warm but you will never fear freezing. You will not require sleep nor will your belly ache for hunger. You will not have a thirst to quench yet you can freely ingest the pure holy snow that tastes like sweet candy! As long as you remain on the paranormal path you shall want for nothing under the Angelic protection of Saint Nicholas. Time moves at a speedier rate than our reality so walking may only take a matter of days. Even if you’re all the way on the southern tip of Africa or South America! It all depends on your faith and belief that the road will lead you to Santa Claus.

You may come across a rare home or shop built on the edge of the supernatural street by true believers who live the Christmas dream 24-7 365 days a year! You will be warmly welcomed within and never be in need of money! There are occasional road signs every so often pointing toward the Christmas Capital but not enough to give the average person complete confidence it is real. You may encounter elves, animated snowmen, winter deities, and even enchanted reindeer who may aid you in your Christmas quest. Either way, you can expect it to be the most magical experience of your life second only to actually finding North Pole City and meeting Santa Claus!

PS: Please don’t bother Elves who are plowing snow or working on road repairs! They need to concentrate on their task at hand. A simple hello and hand wave will do. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Does Anyone Die At North Pole City And Do They Have A Cemetery?

Nobody has ever technically died at North Pole City in this timeline. However, in an alternate reality that no longer exists people did die there under unusual circumstances related to the Anti-Claus! There is also a candy loving Zombie roaming about the North Pole. He’s the closest thing to death you’ll find there. The Enochian Angel magic protection spells and the Heavenly holy light of the Christmas Star shining brightly over North Pole City aid in the eradication of death. All who reside there cease aging so natural death isn’t possible as well. Certainly it doesn’t hurt to have one of the most powerful paranormal beings on Earth in your neighborhoods. That being the Demi-Angel Santa Claus of course!

Since nobody dies there is no graveyard for the burial of the deceased. The closest thing are some memorials to Santa’s parents who aren’t really dead since they routinely visit from Heaven every so often. True death implies you never see a person again until you die and reside with them in the afterlife. There are also memorial displays at the North Pole Museum for those brave souls who have died around the world in defense of the innocent against the forces of supernatural darkness!

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