What Did Santa Claus Do On Saint Patrick’s Day?

Where Does Saint Patrick Physically Materialize On Earth?
Santa Claus Meets LeprechaunOn Saint Patrick’s Day Saint Nicholas, aka Santa Claus, & Mrs.Holly Claus along with their children, Nick, and Mary, traveled to the heart of Ireland to visit the secret stronghold of the Leprechaun’s.  Santa’s normally bright red sleigh was magically tinted green in honor of the luckiest Lilliputians on Earth! The sleigh mystically pulled by nine levitating reindeer flew across sunny Irish skies, and followed a mystical Rainbow to it’s supernatural end. There Santa gracefully landed in a field of shiny shamrocks near the magically cloaked Leprechaun village sometime in the early afternoon. Santa met with the Leader Of The Leprechauns, King Lochlann, who gave the Claus Family the grand tour of their enchanted enclave including Lucky Lake at the center. Lucky Lake is the largest natural magical wishing well on the planet.  The entire lake bed glimmers bright from all the gold coins lining the bottom. Santa threw in his annual ceremonial gold North Pole coin, and made an undisclosed wish. Lochlann then blessed Santa & his holy family with good luck in an ancient traditional Leprechaun luck ceremony in which Santa was presented with a bag of Supernatural Shamrock’s, and Lucky Charms. No we’re not talking about the cereal here folks!

As evening approached Santa Claus changed into traditional Leprechaun garb provided as a gift in an XXXX-Large size.  However The Great Claus still left his trademark red stocking cap on.  At sunset an exalted ceremony of enchantment was conducted to summon the Angel Saint Patrick who is the Patron Saint of the Leprechauns, and all the Irish people. He is the ultimate leader of St. Patrick’s Day who professionally organized the Leprechauns sometime in the 5th century in their mission of spreading global good luck. Before that Leprechauns had mainly stayed in Ireland, and were more concerned with collecting gold which does have a natural attraction of metaphysical luck.  They were originally created by the Irish nature Gods to be miners, and managers of Gold.  From the Heavens in a green sparkling aura of fantastical light, the Angel Patrick descended down past the iridescent sunset as everyone was struck silent in awe of the awesome sight. Saint Patrick materialized wearing a dark emerald silk robe sparking with Shamrocks as a glittering gold halo was just barely visible above his head. King Lochlann, and the other Lilliputians bowed before their patron Saint. Santa, being a half-Archangel, and a Saint himself, walked over to him.  He shook his hand heartily while loudly saying,”Ho ho ho Merry Saint Patrick’s Day our most honored Irish Angel Patrick!” Patrick then replied,”God bless you my saintly brother Nicholas! Everyone in Heaven appreciates all you do to aid the cause of goodness on our fine Lords Earth!” As night fell torches of holy emerald tinted flames were lit. Everyone took a seat at a long glimmering green table with specks of glittering gold in it.  It was supposedly made of “infinite” shamrocks paranormally pressed together amid the luck of saintly shredded gold by Leprechaun, and Elf artisans many centuries ago!  The titanic table was set with pure solid gold dishware in front of a large outdoor amphitheater. The honored guests were served a sumptuous seven course supper. Then some of the Leprechauns put on a stupendous show which included singing, dancing, and magnificent magic.  There was even a special guesting starring appearance from a usually shy Unicorn who was quite jubilant!

As the two supernatural saints ate, and drank green shamrock ale, they discussed the latest metaphysical happenings going on in Heaven, and around the Universe. They even whispered about extraterrestrial worlds in other galaxies humans didn’t have a clue about! There was brief talk of Armageddon, and other serious matters on the state of the paranormal planet. Jolly Old Saint Nick seemed suddenly sullen as the Devil’s name was mentioned as a major player in the coming chaos of the inevitable apocalypse to decide the fate of Earth, and humankind. Talk of his twin brother, the Anti-Claus, caused a visible sadness in Saint Nick. Unfortunately when they started talking about the Omniverse God they began speaking in an undecipherable Angelic language that was even beyond Enochian. It sounded something like a series of mesmerizing melodies more than actual spoken words.  Like a couple of supernatural song birds. The vocalizations put both Mermaids, and Sirens to shame! Santa appeared a bit shocked near the end of the conversation as a gasp was uttered loudly.  A master Leprechaun linguist nearby claims he understood one phrase, “The Darkness“.  Clearly the forces of evil will not be easily defeated!  Luckily the grim talk was brief, and most of the evening was jolly joking, and upbeat revelry!

When the show ended toward the Midnight Witching Hour the Saints Patrick, and Nicholas rose along with everyone else sitting at the table to applaud, and cheer with glee. Saint Patrick then led the entire crowd to Lucky Lake where he blessed the waters holy, and baptized seven lucky Leprechauns. Saint Nicholas did the same with 12 other Leprechauns. The baptizing process was a way to appease the Archangel hierarchy when Patrick first proposed embracing the Pagan Leprechauns who were the direct product of the Earthly Gods, and Goddesses.  So Leprechauns are not only lucky but holy as well! Saint Patrick bid everyone a warm farewell, and wade into the blessed holy waters causing it to glow brightly in a neon spring green hue. Once at the lakes center he waved majestically while floating upward.  Patrick ascended into the dark starry skies glittering blindly with green, and gold as he phased away ascending back to the Heavenly dimensions above. This caused a serene shower of glittering energy flakes to fall forth upon everyone like a magical snow. Several Leprechauns began scurrying about collecting the substance in glass jars as it was pure essence of holy luck.  Saint Nicholas then took a loving leave of his little friends.  The Claus Family’s sleigh shot off into the sky in a flurry of sparkling red, green, and white light. They arrived back at North Pole City at 2:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time.  This information was acquired by our secret supernatural sources, and we hope everyone had a very merry Saint Patrick’s Day!

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What Did Santa Claus Do On Mardi Gras?

The high octane holiday of Mardi Gras is known for its perplexing partying laced with rampant revelry deeply infused with drunkenness and lascivious behavior. Certainly, the hallowed Saint Nicholas and the blessed inhabitants of North Pole City don’t partake of that particular slant on what is supposed to be a holy holiday. Well, perhaps the Winter God Jack Frost and his lively troop of Nymphs and Fairies. They mysteriously leave the North Pole during the festivities of Carnival. It’s likely they frequent the celebrations in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro.🤗

The Warping Of Shrove Tuesday Into Mardi Gras

Santa Claus and his family observe the season of Shrovetide, rather than Carnival. These are a series of Pre-Lent holidays commencing with Epiphany or the Three Wise Men Magi proclaiming Jesus Christ was the Son of the Omniverse God. Mardi Gras itself was originally known as Shrove Tuesday which is a final day of indulgence before the fasting of Lent. This time of repentance for sins and self-control over one’s own animal urges begins on Ash Wednesday after Mardi Gras. It then extends until Easter Sunday several weeks later. The Mardi Gras practice of simply indulging in rich luxurious foods blew forth into prolific partying about false idols amid a carnal atmosphere of moral ambiguity drowned in liquor and other mind-altering substances.😱

Mardi Gras At North Pole City

So on Mardi Gras Santa and the good folks at North Pole City eat three times more than they usually do. And that’s saying a lot! Most of the meals take place in the great North Pole City Banquet Hall. Naturally, there’s the traditional pancake breakfast that gives Mardi Gras the nickname Pancake Day in some parts of the world. Throughout the day there is a non-stop production of every meal, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage imaginable! Even the Peppermint Ice Cream Bandit Elf Gerbert is allowed to eat as much of his pink minty creamy goodness as he pleases! As evening approaches there’s a parade and fireworks show. Candy and holy rosary beads blessed by Saint Nicholas are thrown to the crowds that include supernatural visitors from around the world. Often those looking for a family-friendly celebration steeped in a magical atmosphere.🥞🍔🍕🌮🍨🍦🍰🌭

Santa Claus Attempts To Neutralize The Dark Leader Of Mardi Gras

Santa Claus has become increasingly concerned with a Super Villain called The Mardi Gras Joker. A jester looking Voodoo Master who operates out of New Orleans who has officially taken over the holiday of Mardi Gras. He continues to stoke the dark flames of damnation that have dominated the holidays Spirit in recent decades. His goal is to bring about a global chaotic Party Apocalypse that would be a nightmare like The Purge films! 24-7 non-stop madness devoid of any morality! Santa sent two of his best Elf Agents down to New Orleans on Mardi Gras to look into this nefarious denizen of darkness. The Elves reported back to Santa they had the target in sight and were ready to capture him.🃏

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The Humane Imprisonment Of The Joker

The intent was to turn the Mardi Gras Joker over to us here at Mystic Investigations who would, in turn, transport him to the great Sorcerer of the light known as Ian McTavish. He runs a world-renowned magic school out of Scotland. He also has a paranormal prison to contain threats the mainstream governments couldn’t handle. So the Elves stealthily made their way into his lair within the sewers of Orleans. They easily evaded his minions and found the filthy fiend asleep in a chamber built off the sewer system.🤡

Two Elves Are Stronger Than A Voodoo Master!

The Voodoo Master was surrounded by all manner of protective charms but the Elves de-enchanted them and quickly pulled him out of bed. They whipped holy handcuffs on him at super speed as he woke up angrily screaming! Luckily the concrete walls of his chamber were sound proof so his minions couldn’t hear him. He looked up to see the two Elves and said, “Who in the hell are you? Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with? You little shrimps are already dead!” He tried to recite some voodoo curses on them but the sinister spells wouldn’t stick to their holy auras swimming in the Spirit Of Christmas and the blessing of the living Saint Nicholas. He was speechless as his powers seemed useless against these little guys. He asked again who they were and they said in unison, “We’re Santa Claus’s Elves! Merry Mardi Gras Mr. Joker!” He started laughing insanely while muttering, “There’s no such thing as Santa! You guys are nuts!”🎅

The Heaven Ordered Release Of The Mardi Gras Joker!

The strong Elves were about to haul the criminal mastermind away when a call came in from Santa Claus. Santa said, “Mission Abort!” The Elves were in total disbelief and asked Santa to repeat himself. He confirmed the cancellation of the objective and they reluctantly returned to the North Pole. They left the Joker handcuffed in the dimly lit chamber until his minions found him hours later. It turns out Santa was contacted by the Archangels of Heaven who ordered him to stand down and not interfere with the destiny of these particular events. It seems the Mardi Gras Joker’s alarming activities are integral in the same way the Devil is in the master plan leading up to the final battles of Armageddon! It is not for Santa to question the wisdom of the Heavenly Host and the Holy Lord. That being said Santa is allowed to do something if he happens upon forces of darkness like the Joker by accident. This would indicate it is fate and he would have the green light to act. Such is the case when the Anti-Claus repeatedly attempts to cause Christmas havoc and is thwarted by Father Christmas.😇

The Finale Of Mardi Gras

Despite coming so close to saving the world from the Joker, Santa enjoyed the final fantastical dinner of Mardi Gras just before Midnight. On Ash Wednesday he began his fasting that will last until Easter Sunday and the enchanted arrival of The Easter Bunny. Of course realistically as a Demi-Angel he can get by without eating for long periods of time. However, it’s the thought that counts. Still, he loves food just as much as the Elves do. The Elves will eat somewhat less than usual but they get a free pass on the fasting as they have extremely fast metabolisms and use up a lot of energy. They need to eat sweets all the time! Merry Mardi Gras To All And To All A Responsible Night Of Moderate Partying!🎉

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What Powers Does Mrs. Claus Have?

We know Santa Claus has an armada of powers due to his Angelic lineage but what of Mrs. Holly Claus? She was a normal human until she came to North Pole City. As with all beings, she would be immortal as long as she stayed within the winter wonderland. However, Holly became a real immortal once she was pregnant with her and Santa’s first child Nick, Jr. She was then officially an Immortal Of The Angelic Light. Technically once she attained such a supernatural status she shouldn’t have been able to birth any more kids. Although, the Archangels of Heaven promised the Claus’s they could have two children. Originally, no children could be birthed from a Demi-Angel like Santa.🎅

The Paranormal Powers Of Mrs. Holly Claus

As a special Human Immortal with Angelic grace Holly Claus possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses. Including an intuitive sixth sense of empathy. Holly knows exactly how everyone is truly feeling and always has a sensible solution to raise their spirits. She can’t catch any disease nor get sick even when outside the protective magic of North Pole City. She also only requires 4 hours of sleep and can easily get by with less without any ill effects. Like her husband, she can directly contact Heaven and speak with deceased relatives such as her parents. When spiritually communing with her soul mate Santa she can temporarily acquire some of his telekinetic powers and even mystically channel The Spirit Of Christmas.🎄

The Magic Of Mrs. Claus

Holly can also be loaded up with borrowed magic far greater than a normal human. However, she does practice Enochian Angel magic as a hobby with Santa’s coven of good witches. She was always an excellent chef but it’s plausible she mingles magic into her beyond scrumptious food. Mrs. Claus is rated the best chef on the planet by those of us lucky enough in the paranormal community to try her fine cuisine. Gordon Ramsay himself has been to North Pole City and given her an unprecedented seven stars! Technically, Claus Manor is a Bed & Breakfast. for honored guests.🤶

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Does Santa Claus Sleep Or Ever Get Tired?

As an Immortal Demi-Angel, aka Angel-Human Hybrid, Santa Claus usually only needs two hours of sleep per night to feel refreshed. Although, he can go for several days without sleep and still function just fine. This is why he can deliver gifts around the world all night long without any physical issues. Despite the requirement for very little sleep, he will often slumber more than two hours a night. Sometimes to enjoy the enchanting vivid dreams that come with being an angelic creature that lives at the magical North Pole City. Also, just to be near Mrs. Claus who needs about 4 hours since she’s a human Immortal. It’s not that uncommon for all manner of immortal beings to sleep longer than they need to as it is a mystically relaxing event.😴

When Santa Gets Tired

Santa Claus can get tired if he overuses his paranormal powers. He certainly requires a bit more sleep after his monumental Christmas routine. Utilizing extraordinary abilities like Chronokinesis, aka time travel, can drain him of energy until his enchanted angel essence recharges. He has naturally found himself quite tired after his various fights with his evil twin brother the Anti-Claus. There’s not only the effort involved but also the spiritual duality they share. The battle of balance between the light and darkness can be quite taxing on metaphysical energy reserves. Thankfully, in addition to sleep, Santa Claus can eat a ton of food to get his energy back. He can even directly absorb energy from various sources both physical and spiritual. This includes the Spirit Of Christmas itself.🎅

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