Thanksgiving Dark Native Spirit, Turkey Zombie, And Werewolf Warning

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The Full Moon of November is often called the Beaver Moon or Frost Moon. This is due to a time in the past when this was the last time to set Beaver traps before the water froze over for the winter. Certainly, for many in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the first month where frost becomes a nightly occurrence. In the secret supernatural community, we usually call it the Dark Moon as the days grow noticeably shorter and the night grows longer thereby facilitating more sinister supernatural activity. The enchanted energies of this moon are usually riding high fresh off the frights of Halloween. This often results in more ferocious Werewolf activity!

The Thanksgiving Werewolf

Since the Full Moon of November 2018 falls on Thanksgiving it is called The Thanksgiving Moon! Thanksgiving is the transitional holiday between Halloween and Christmas that leans a lot more toward the Xmas end. Its connection with the Spirit Of Christmas and the Spirit Of Autumn brings calmer lunar energies. This means the Werewolves of Thanksgiving will be meeker and less monstrous. As long as you don’t provoke them the hairy horrors should steer clear of you. Feel free to enjoy the cool moonlit nights in this final swan song of fall! Just to be safe wear silver, a sprig of Wolfsbane, or carry holy water with you.

Dark Native American Spirits Afoot

Native Americans have been inadvertently and purposely subjected to a plethora of atrocities over the last several hundreds of years. These mostly at the hands of European settlers.  Just the diseases transmitted alone killed 90% of the indigenous population! This created a number of dark ghosts, avenging spirits, angry nature deities, poltergeists, and other complex higher dimensional entities who resent Americans celebrating Thanksgiving. In a way, they create an opposing Dark Spirit Of Thanksgiving. Always be respectful of the sacrifice these natives made in order for you to live here. Certainly steer clear of any Indian burial grounds, battlegrounds, and other places where tragedies may have happened. It may be impossible to know this but sudden paranormal activity on Thanksgiving in your home or business is a sure sign you are trespassing on sacred grounds! Immediately contact a paranormal professional, ghost hunter, witch, or Native American medicine man or woman if you suspect sinister spirits! Leave the building ASAP because Thanksgiving has been canceled for you!

The Titanic Turkey Terror

Since the Spirit Of Thanksgiving is so intertwined with turkey’s it’s not surprising that we see two turkey based menaces. They are the Gobbler Ghoul and the terrifying Turkey Zombie! Turkey cannibalism and black magic created the new breed of paranormal creature in 2011 known as the Gobbler Ghoul. In humans, cannibalism can lead to people becoming Ghouls. Despicable entities who are addicted to the dead flesh of their species. The Gobbler Ghoul is a major threat to any Thanksgiving dinner! It will charge through windows or even strong doors with super strength and speed to devour your turkey bones and all! With no aversion to the holy sun, it can be anywhere 24 hours a day! Be very aware it will viciously attack any human or pet that stands in the way of its precious dead turkey delights!

Zombie Turkeys

The Zombie Turkey virus was born of overcrowded unsanitary factory farm conditions where disease and death mingle in a malevolent mix. Often foreign hormones and chemicals play a role as well. There are various avian zombie virus strains but thankfully they die out quickly unlike the human version. The Turkey Zombie looks to eat live turkeys. Farms are high-risk zones for this rotting feathered monster! It is rare that they would leave a turkey intact enough to become another of their kind. Unfortunately, some dark practitioners of magic like to pull pranks and create hordes of these blasphemous beasts to put a monkey wrench into anyone’s Thanksgiving festivities. Be aware that sunlight is only an annoyance to them. They could strike at any time! Gobbler Ghouls and Turkey Zombies only respond to brute force eradication!

Stay Alert Of Your Surroundings This Holiday Season! Happy Thanksgiving!­čŽâ

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