November Dark Moon Werewolf Warning

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Some call the Full Moon of November The Beaver Moon. However in the paranormal community we usually refer to it as the Dark Moon. Not to be confused with the New Moon of each month. In this case it is especially a Dark Moon because it falls so close to Halloween. The forces of darkness are still riding high after their night of triumphant terror. This coupled with the days giving way to ever growing nocturnal shadows. Sinister shadows cast amid the last leaves of alluring autumn falling away into the first snows of winter. It’s a time when death appears to grip the countryside. Thankfully it’s not all doom and gloom as The Spirit Of Christmas begins to awaken around the world!

Since this Moon is so close to Halloween it almost acts like a pseudo-Halloween Blood Moon. Expect a general increase in paranormal activity from all manner of horrifying beings including vampires, dark spirits, and zombies who may have risen from their graves on the Day Of The Dead! Despite this the real threat is from Werewolves. Under this Moon they will be more aggressive and numerous than usual. We’ve already seen a number vicious Lycanthrope attacks since the Moon has been 80% of full! We suggest staying indoors during the night of the 100% Full Moon. If you must go out take the necessary supernatural countermeasures to protect yourself and your family from this monstrous menace! These include holy water, wolfsbane, silver jewelry, and of course silver bullets as a last resort! Remember that these titanic terrors are humans by day!

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