The Lucky Spring Supermoon Werewolf Warning

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🌕The Full Moon of March is generally known as the Storm Moon. The lunar energies of this Moon cause more aggressive behavior in Werewolves. Especially during any snow or thunderstorms that might take place. Thankfully, the general luck of  Saint Patrick’s Day aids in protecting humans throughout the month.  This year the March Moon falls on the March 20th Spring Vernal Equinox and is mere days away from the 17th of sainted fortune.  This works toward imbuing more luck upon potential werewolf prey while the deities of Spring bring about more peace in the demonic heart of the blasphemous beast. There’s also the balance of the equinox pulling more humanity into the mind of the mad wolf. Unfortunately, this is a Supermoon as well. Supermoon’s give us beyond monstrous werewolves that are far more powerfully muscular than usual! This is due to the Moons closer proximity to Earth.🍀

We’re Forecasting Gentler Werewolves With A Side Of Supernatural Caution

What we have here is a Lucky Spring Supermoon. This will leave us with non-enhanced werewolves due to the Supermoon and Storm Moon energies being neutralized by the Luck of Leprechauns, the holy Saint Patrick, Spring deities, and Mother Earth herself. In some cases, these factors might not only protect humans from werewolves but also prevent transition to wolf form in those who resist. Those werewolves in close proximity to Leprechauns, Goddesses, Nymphs, and Fairies may find themselves calmed down for a time. Nights, where the Moon is above 80% of full, will be somewhat safer than usual. Although, one should never let their guard down when it comes to the Lycanthrope menace! True good luck charms can repel werewolves during this Moon in addition to the usual holy artifacts, wolfsbane, and silver.🐺

Leprechaun And Clurichaun Activity

Leprechauns will still be frolicking about the world spreading luck until April’s Fool’s Day. Many end up returning to the Emerald Isle to recharge their good luck gold reserves. In spots where lucky leprechaun magic is in play, you may see the Moon as tinted green. This is technically a Shamrock Moon. Despite this please beware of their bad luck counterparts known as Clurichaun’s. Warped Leprechauns of darkness who have turned to demon masters rather than Saint Patrick. In fact, the Devil mocks Patrick and other Saints by appointing so-called Dark Saints. For instance, the Anti-Claus, a Demi-Demon, is called the Dark Saint Nicholas to belittle Santa Claus. The Dark Saint Patrick is the Archdemon in charge of bad fortune.☘️

The Dark Leprechauns Of Damnation

Clurichauns are tricky little bastards and will often pose as Leprechauns. They will attempt to make compromising deals with you. They will tempt you by promising to grant you wishes and make your dreams come true. Sometimes in exchange for selling your soul or even just a portion of it. No real Leprechaun would do this. Leprechauns are generally shy and avoid humans while invisibly diffusing favorable fortune around us. If a Dark Leprechaun doesn’t get his way he tends to turn violent very quickly! If faced with one you can repel him with lucky charms and religious artifacts as these minute monsters have demonic qualities. You can also attempt to summon a Leprechaun for help with a magical spell.😈

The Spring Equinox Of Ostara Magic

The Spring celebration of Ostara brings about many secret ceremonies in isolated rural areas. You may find Goddesses, Nymphs, Fairies, and other nature deities phasing into physical form. They will be passing the baton from their winter to their spring counterparts. Among these beguiling entities will be ascension rituals where lower Goddesses will be made into greater beings. Amid this little Elves will be skipping about performing their usual duties. Various Practitioners Of Magic, especially witches, will be afoot celebrating Ostara and calling upon these natures goddesses for power and guidance. On quite a few occasions they will be fully disrobed in order to fully be one with nature! If you happen upon them please be polite and don’t stare. Just keep walking past averting your eyes with respect. You don’t want to anger a witch with your leering! Also, there will be dark witches out in the woods and fields attempting to call forth demons to put a monkey wrench in things! They have a funny knack of sacrificing innocent humans on their altar of Hell!🌼

The Reemergence Of The Easter Bunny

Somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere The Easter Bunny, the worlds only Werehare, will make an appearance at a ritual of Goddesses to welcome the season of growth and fertility. There he will commune with Ēostre The Chief Goddess Of Spring as the Easter season officially commences. This is considered his annual reemergence from his hibernation of rest before Easter on April 21st, 2019. The Goddess will receive the first egg of Easter. A holy egg full of enchanted energy to aid in the delightful deities spreading Spring forth across the land. If you spot the Easter Bunny on March 20th you may ask for an Easter Egg. It will be a special egg that will grant you a wish or imbue you with some manner of paranormal powers! For the rest of you who don’t come across any supernatural beings rest assured that you will bask in the mystical moon glow of Leprechaun Luck in the peace of Spring balance and prosperity!🐇

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