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The Lucky Spring Supermoon Werewolf Warning

🌕The Full Moon of March is generally known as the Storm Moon. The lunar energies of this Moon cause more aggressive behavior in Werewolves. Especially during any snow or thunderstorms that might take place. Thankfully, the general luck of  Saint … Continue reading

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Lucky 7 Leprechaun Days Of Saint Patrick Alert

In the distant past some Angels began to take it upon themselves, many times in the face of Archangel disapproval, to claim aspects of the so called paranormal pagan world.  Thankfully the Saints who do this were once human, and … Continue reading

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Leprechaun & Clurichaun Watch In Effect Through March

The previous watches for Leprechauns & Clurichauns are still in effect even more so as we approach St.Patrick’s Day.  You should generally experience good luck this week if you truly believe in the luck of the Irish and their mystical emissaries … Continue reading

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Leprechaun Watch

As St.Patrick’s Day approaches be on the look out for Leprechauns scurrying about fields of clover searching for Shamrocks to fuel their tiny bodies as they spread good luck about the world.  For most of the year they reside in … Continue reading

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