Halloween Blue Blood Moon Warning!

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Every Full Moon that falls on Halloween is a Blue Blood Moon with the first Moon falling on October 1st 0r 2nd. Thankfully, this only occurs a handful of times in any given century. This beyond rare Moon can actually appear crimson or blue in color depending on the level of paranormal activity in your locality. In some places this becomes the diabolical unholy Violet Moon. It will actually give off a purple black light glow that is considered 100% unholy light! This is very different from the holy violet light seen when there’s a Blue Moon that coincides with a lunar eclipse that in turn causes a Blood Moon. The combination of the natural Blood Moon of October falling on Halloween and occurring twice is a frightening formula for damnation upon the Earth! If the Moon looks purple then flee indoors for all hell is about to break loose! Werewolves will be invincible under this Moon. Not even silver bullets will kill nor hurt them in any way!🐺

The Jack-O-Lantern Moon

In areas where Queen Of Halloween Shala personally installs The Spirit Of Halloween it is the Jack-O-Lantern Moon. She does this to equalize a serious imbalance in the forces of good or evil. It could also be the result of many humans having a strong belief in the Halloween Spirit. The Jack-O-Lantern Moon appears orange and may seem to have the face of a carved pumpkin if you squint long enough. These changes in appearance within various places around the world are caused by ground level enchanted energies interacting with the lunar energy. This can be caused by magical practitioners or any type of metaphysical activity. Consider yourself lucky if the Moon has its normal silvery hue! Although, don’t let this give you a false sense of security. For this Halloween is the most dangerous one we’ve seen in several decades courtesy of this mad Moon creating a temporal feedback loop with the first Blood Moon on October 1st!👻

Is It Safe To Trick Or Treat?

Expect exponential paranormal activity through the metaphysical spectrum down to physical supernatural beings prowling in the dark sinister shadows! Trick Or Treaters and those deep into Halloween celebration are generally considered safe as The Spirit Of Halloween is with them. Its paranormal protection repels all manner of paranormal perplexities. If you find yourself being hunted by a blasphemous beast then pray you make it to Midnight on Hallowmas All Saints Day. It is then that Angels and Saints from Heaven swoop in to clean up a variety of metaphysical messes. A great deal of evil will be repelled until Midnight On Day Of The Dead All Souls Day. Then it will be back to blasphemous business as usual until the Moon is down to 50% of Full. Stay Safe! Happy Halloween!🎃

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Halloween Blue Blood Moons

Previous Halloween Moons

  • 1925
  • 1944
  • 1955
  • 1974
  • 2020 – Present

Future Halloween Moons

  • 2039
  • 2058
  • 2077
  • 2096

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