Werewolf Watch

The moon is at 80% plus of full so be extremely aware of your surroundings in the night time hours, and take note of any movements within the shadows of the silvery moon.  The Dark Moon of November coupled with the close proximity of the Blood Moon of October will create particularly nasty Werewolf attacks.  … Read more

Blood Moon Werewolf Warning

October brings us the infamous full Blood Moon which is often a reddish color early in the evening due to the light scattering properties of atmospheric particles effecting the low lying moon.  That’s the scientific explanation.  In reality demonic forces of evil from higher dimensions send blood rays to wash over the moon in order to … Read more

Werewolf Warning – Full Harvest Moon

September brings us the full moon closest to the Atumnal Equinox.  The infamous Harvest Moon which is known for appearing big and bright in the sky thanks to it’s low position and the optical illusion of the atmosphere.  This brighter moon causes increased power in werewolves although usually not increased evil aggression which is what … Read more

Werewolf Watch

The moon is at 88% full so be alert for Werewolves afoot when venturing out at night.  Urban areas are at minimal risk for Lycanthrope activity while rural wooded areas are at the highest risk.  In such areas we suggest simply staying indoors after dusk. Please refer to past Werewolf Watch & Werewolf Warning posts for … Read more

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