New Moon Manticore Watch

Conditions are favorable for Manticore activity on the surface of the Earth due to the New Moon, and increased openings to the Underworld which is the physical manifestation of Hell on Earth that exists deep underground.  Manticores are demonic beasts that resemble lions with dragons wings, scorpions tails, and a humanoid like face.  They also … Read more

Perseid Power Shower New Moon Alert

The Comet Swift-Tuttle has been giving us the pleasure of the Perseid Meteor Showers.  Comets are notorious for being vessels of metaphysical energy along with containing inter-dimensional stowaways.  The shooting stars they create can contain an energized form of supernatural beings attempting to stealthy come to Earth in defiance of any Guardian Angel defenses.  That … Read more

New Years New Supermoon Manticore Warning

The New Year isn’t all resolutions, and roses.  Unfortunately the January 1st, 2014 New Moon provides ideal conditions for the monstrous Manticore.  Sentient Underworld beasts that resemble lions with dragons wings, scorpions tail, and a humanoid like face.   These demonic denizens of destruction disintegrate into cinders even under the light of a Moon 3% of … Read more

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