Blood Moon Eclipse Warning

The blasphemous Blood Moon of the Halloween season is upon us with a penumbral lunar eclipse twist.  The Blood Moon is a general magnifier of malevolent powers among all manner of supernatural beings.  Although the dark denizens draw upon it more.  Expect an increase in chaos, and supernatural savagery during these Blood Moon nights leading … Read more

Harvest And Storm Moon Werewolf Watch

Most of our forecasts over the years tended to be for the Northern Hemisphere but our good friends to the south have made their voices heard.  So we will now try to address paranormal activity for the entire planet since each hemisphere has the polar opposite seasons.  The Northern Hemisphere, including North America, Central America, … Read more

Super Moon Werewolf Warning

June 22-23 will bring us the infamous Super Moon which is the closest the Moon will be to the Earth for 2013.  The Super Moon of June will appear much larger in the sky at times, and it’s supernatural lunar effects will cause Werewolves to hulk out displaying extreme muscular definition along with at least … Read more

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