Wolf Moon Warning

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Werewolf Commands Wolf PackThe Wolf Moon of January is virtually the most dangerous of the full Moons when it comes to Werewolves.  Second only to the Blood Moon of Halloween.  During this particular Moon Werewolves are compelled to coalesce into voracious packs.  Most Werewolves are mindless solitary creatures.  However some aware of their Lycanthropy who have some control over transformations, or cognizant while in furry form, join together with others of their kind to form packs.  This is especially true in Native American tribes who embraced the power of the Werewolf to make it their own, and aid in their fight against settlers who threatened their way of life.  You need not fear these type of Werewolf packs, and in fact should go to them if you feel your life is at risk from the world of the supernatural.

On the night of the Wolf Moon every Werewolf psychically locates other Werewolves to form a pack with the sole intent of hunting down human victims for dinner.  Although any animals along the way will be eaten alive as well.  All except for wolves.  Any wolves will be compelled to join the Werewolf pack to add to the chaos, and carnage.  This will be especially true in remote areas where lone Werewolves might be too far away from other Werewolves.  These mind controlled wolves will have an unusual urge to partake of humans when normally they’d shy away looking for smaller prey.

The only saving grace of this night of hellish horrors is the fact that this will be a Micro Moon.  The smallest full Moon of the year.  This means less mystical lunar forces to fuel the Werewolves power.  Unfortunately if you’re cornered by a pack that probably won’t make much difference.  That’s why we recommend staying indoors tomorrow night.  It’s simply not worth the risk.  You might be able to avoid one Werewolf, or even repel it, but an entire pack isn’t likely unless you have some type of super powers.  As a precaution be sure to hang silver, and Wolfsbane in windows, and doorways.  Washing the windows down with holy water at sunset will help repel these mindless masters of mayhem.  If you must go out then be sure to say a proper goodbye to loved ones, and have your last will and testament ready to go.  Is that carton of milk or party really worth the risk?

Mystic Investigations will be out in full force trying our best to capture, and contain as many Werewolves as possible.  Unfortunately the overwhelming Lycanthrope numbers often force us to use permanent measures to defend our lives, and those in the community we strive to protect against the paranormal forces of evil!

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