Valentines Day Dark Cupid Warning!

Valentine’s Day is the central holiday of love on Earth. It is the day the forces of good marshal forth The Spirit Of Love around the world in order to battle the forces of darkness. Of course the forces of darkness also fight back by warping love into something diabolical, and damaging!  The leader of … Read more

Valentines Snow Moon Warning

Although the normal February Full Moon, known as the Snow Moon, generally has very little paranormal consequences this particular Moon falls on Valentines Day making it a Valentines Moon.  The Valentines Moon is deeply influenced by the Angel Saint Valentines, and his Cupids whose mission it is to spread love around the world.  The extra … Read more

Valentines Cupid Alert

Valentines Cupid

As Valentines Day approaches be on the look out for the handy work of Cupids.  Cupids are special Angels whose mission is to spread love around the world and in particular bring soul mates together who wouldn’t normally find each other.  They also fight against various forces of evil who have broken up soul mates.  … Read more

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