The Epiphany Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning

The Full Moon of January has always brought us The Wolf Moon. A lunar cycle heavily influenced by a cooperative union of deities and spirits representing indigenous cultures from around the world. Particularly those native spirits associated with wolves which are strong in ancient folklore. Unfortunately, the wolf spirit mingles with that of the Werewolf … Read more

The Woeful Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning

The enchanted energies of this January’s Wolf Moon are under the command of various Wolf Deities of indigenous people. Native American Gods in particular have strong sway over lunar luminosity. Unfortunately, this mingles metaphysically with the Werewolves demonic DNA which compels them to form rabid Werewolf Packs. Generally, Packs are only a thing with those … Read more

Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning

A Wolf Moon Werewolf Warning is in effect from now until Groundhog Day. The wayward Wolf Moon of January brings us the second most dangerous Full Moon of the year. The Blood Moon Of Halloween is usually the worst for Werewolves and paranormal activity in general. The threat of this malevolent Moon lies in its … Read more

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