The 13 Nights Of Halloween Warning

The 13 Nights Of Halloween are upon us! These are the 12 nights before Halloween along with that unluckiest of 13th nights being on All Hallows Eve itself! Generally we see noticeable increases in paranormal activity beginning at the Autumnal Equinox with a slight ramp up as we hit October. However the 13 Nights Of … Read more

Leap Second Witching Hour Cancellation Alert

As the Midnight Witching Hour approaches tonight will the impending Leap Second of doom have any supernatural ramifications?  Every so often a Leap Second is added to the last day of a month just before Midnight of the next day.  So instead of Midnight 12:00:00 AM it will be 11:59:60 PM. This is to account … Read more

Valentines Snow Moon Warning

Although the normal February Full Moon, known as the Snow Moon, generally has very little paranormal consequences this particular Moon falls on Valentines Day making it a Valentines Moon.  The Valentines Moon is deeply influenced by the Angel Saint Valentines, and his Cupids whose mission it is to spread love around the world.  The extra … Read more

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