New Years New Supermoon Manticore Warning

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Unholy ManticoreThe New Year isn’t all resolutions, and roses.  Unfortunately the January 1st, 2014 New Moon provides ideal conditions for the monstrous Manticore.  Sentient Underworld beasts that resemble lions with dragons wings, scorpions tail, and a humanoid like face.   These demonic denizens of destruction disintegrate into cinders even under the light of a Moon 3% of full.  They’re so unholy that every light repels them to an extent.

We will see an unusual amount of Manticore activity this time around since the New Moon is also a Supermoon very close to Earth.  Where as the Moon light repels them, the unseen lunar forces will fuel them forth further causing more to escape the Underworld, and prey upon humans.  We will see the greatest threat from these hellish horrors on January 30th when we’ll be graced with a rare second New Moon in one month.  This Moon is known as the Black Moon which will also be a Super Moon as well.  Expect major Hell to break loose on the Black Super Moon!

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