What Happens To A Pregnant Woman Transformed Into A Vampire?

Believe it or not, a pregnant woman’s unborn child can survive her transformation to that of a vampire. It depends on how far along the pregnancy is. Since this doesn’t happen often we have very little evidence to draw from. A pregnant woman gains some level of holy repellent properties when it comes to paranormal beings. This especially includes those of demonic lineage such as Vampires.  The protection comes from the metaphysical magic of innocence from the child growing within. This enchantment grows exponentially over the course of nine months. Despite this, the notorious child-eating Gnomes continue to be a threat.🧛‍♂️

The Repellent Paranormal Properties Of Pregnant Women

In the early months of pregnancy, a strong vampire might be able to withstand her purified blood and transform her. Of course, if the vampire was really hell-bent on doing this they could drain most of her liquid life by other means. Then he or she introduces their own demonic blood to initiate the transformation to vampirehood.  In the early months, the woman can be turned into a vampire. The middle months are a toss-up while the final months of pregnancy make transmutation into a member of the living dead impossible. The mother’s blood is simply too infused with the enchanted energies of the innocent baby within. However, a powerful first-generation vampire might have the ability to force the transition into the dark eternal shadows by mystical means!🤰

The Good Fortune Of A Human Baby Becoming Vampire?

If a pregnant woman becomes a vampire in the early months her baby will become a vampire as well. It will then grow up to adulthood in the same way pure breed first generation vamp children do. These are the rare cases of a non-first generation vampire having a baby since only the originals can father, and mother children. A child born of a woman’s growth into vampiress is considered lucky by vampire royalty. Often they are said to be the fulfillment of prophecies in the Vampire Bible. Sometimes these superstitious royals panic when a prophesy has not come to pass. They then actively seek out women in the first stages of pregnancy. For all the rest of its days, the prized child will be considered a member of the Transylvanian royal family with all the perks it brings!👶

The Final Fate Of Late Pregnancy Vampire Transformation

In the middle months of pregnancy, the human baby would most likely die as it cannot be sustained within a living dead host. The supernatural body would eventually transmute it into sanguine energy. It’s also plausible it could become a Vampire-Human Hybrid otherwise known as a Dhampir under special circumstances. Unlike the vampire baby, the Dhampir child is considered extremely unlucky and it would be in great jeopardy of termination along with its mother! In the final months of pregnancy, any attempt at creating a vampire would result in the demise of both mother and child. Luckily all of this is beyond rare, and if you’re pregnant your baby provides you with paranormal protection most of the time. Even Werewolves tend to avoid women with child.🧛‍♀️

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Will You Ever See Your Kids As Babies Again?

Lil' BabyMany people gaze upon old photos, and videos of their now grown children, and miss the babies they once were. Parents are happy their grown kids are happy, and healthy but that loss of what was is still there lying beneath the surface.  It’s true that children transforming gradually into adults is a form of living death. In essence everyone changes physically, and mentally throughout life becoming somewhat of a different person. It’s simply more blatant with kids yet the gradual nature of it only seeps in years later. So are the children from various time frames gone forever?  From a time travel or Afterlife perspective the answer is no. They will always be frozen in a 3-D dimension of 4-D time when viewed from the 5th dimension or above.

There is freedom in the Afterlife to visit any time, or place as an invisible spirit.  In fact more than likely babies, and toddlers may even see you!  We know that babies, and young kids who seem to be interacting with empty space, or so called imaginary friends, may in fact be communicating with ghosts. In a number of cases it’s actually you, or their Guardian Angel, that is actually a form of their Afterlife self.  It could even be you as your own Guardian Angel. There are many incarnations of your Afterlife soul on many planes of higher dimensional reality who could visit here! There’s also various ghostly relatives who could be wandering about your baby’s nursery as well!

Clearly returning as a spirit has the limitation of no physical contact. However you willBaby Doggy be able to hold your baby again even trillions of years from now in the higher dimensional Heavens above. There are near infinite parallel Universes where we lead all manner of lives covering a plethora of mathematical probabilities. Due to this there are also parallel Afterlives within each higher dimensional level. As macabre as the thought may be you can simply find the reality where your child died at a certain age.  Of course you’ll probably meet your own spirit from that Universe taking care of your parallel spirit baby!  Incidentally top flight psychics, and mediums tell us there is simulated growth to adulthood for Afterlife children. Interestingly enough it can last for as long as the parents like.  In some parallel Afterlife you may have your baby for millions of years!

Another fun aspect of the Afterlife are various parallel planes spawned into existence by Cute Babyeveryone’s imagination.  Virtual micro-universes anyone can visit.  Say you have a pleasant memory when your kids were young.  When they enter that parallel plane they revert to the way you picture them in that reality.  There is a background subconscious awareness of who they actually are but they can activate, and reactivate it at will thereby enjoying the past reality in a unique way for a time. The same would happen to you if you entered your parents memory plane. In addition at any point in the afterlife one can choose to revert to any of their past selves to relive their childhoods.

Baby GirlSo don’t be sad thinking you’ll never see your precious baby or young child ever again for all eternity! They will always exist in all their various adorable incarnations forever! For the Universe is infinite, and all things are possible in the grand Macroverse!  Nothing is lost forever! You shall regain all that you’ve lost or achieve what you couldn’t whether it be in the Afterlife or any number of parallel Universes to infinity, and beyond!