Is Charlie Sheen A Weretiger?

Charlie Weretiger SheenActor Charlie Sheen has spoke of the “tigers blood” that runs through his veins along with just generally comparing himself to a tiger on numerous occasions.  Is he trying to tell us something without violating the Supernatural Secrecy Pact?  After much research by our special celebrity investigator there is some evidence to suggest that Sheen became a Weretiger sometime in the 1988. It seems he may have angered a powerful Sorcerer named Dimitri Diablo when Charlie inadvertently spilled a Diet Coke on him on the set of “Major League”. Diablo has a habit of walking into anywhere he so chooses. We have no idea why he would enter a movie set.  Perhaps to partake of the free concessions which included his favorite beverage Diet Coke.

Sheen Meets A Supernatural Fate At The Hands Of A Sinister Sorcerer!

Apparently Sheen was taking food from the table while moving toward Diablo who was knocking back several Diet Cokes. Charlie knocked into him spilling the soda all over Diablo’s fine silk Sorcery robe. Some witnesses on the set remember an oddly dressed man screaming loudly about the spill. Sheen tried to apologize but Diablo wouldn’t have it. Finally Charlie got very angry and the two men started struggling with each other. Security moved in but Dimitri lifted his hand and sent them flying into a camera thereby smashing it. Most likely this was a demonstration of telekinetic powers.  Diablo then placed his hand on Charlie’s forehead causing the actor to freeze with a look of horror in his eyes. Diablo then recited some incantation as he wiped the blood of a Weretiger upon his face. The Sorcerer was then heard to say,”I curse you tiger!” Sheen collapsed, and Diablo disappeared but not before taking an entire case of Diet Coke with him!

The Blood Of The Tiger Is Strong In Sheen

We have no clue why Diablo happened to be in that particular place when he could pilfer Diet Coke from anywhere on Earth! We also have no idea why he was carrying the ultra rare Weretiger blood on him. Such blood is usually of Asian origin. Either way we’re pretty sure the witnesses accounts are true so Charlie Sheen is a Weretiger.  He really does have tigers blood running through him. Although since this was induced by a magical Curse he clearly isn’t a full blown immortal variety of Weretiger. He’s clearly aged quite a bit since 1988.

A Tiger Man Among Us?

Most likely Charlie can transform into a monstrous tiger man and possibly a full blown tiger at will. This would include enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses. I’d imagine it must be hard to restrain himself in times of stress and anger. So far we don’t have anyone witnessing his transformation. Although an unconfirmed source claims to have seen a tiger strolling outside the tiger enclosure at the LA Zoo in 2010. The tiger walked behind a building and Sheen came out the other side almost instantly.

Charlie Cries Out For Supernatural Help?

Since he’s an imperfect Werecat it’s likely the tiger blood mingling with his humanity is responsible for his mental imbalances and erratic behavior over the years. Certainly accidentally shooting poor Kelly Preston in the arm back in 1990 is a sign of deep mental conflict. Weretigers are prone to violent fits of pure animal rage. His comparisons to tigers might be a desperate cry for help. Maybe he fears becoming a government experiment? Charlie can feel free to contact us if he needs help dealing with his Ailuranthropy, aka cat shape shifter, condition.  All we can say is may God have mercy on Charlie Sheen’s immortal Weretiger soul!

What’s In Mike’s Magic Red Drink?

In the video above Youtube fitness guru, Mike Chang, speaks about getting charged up with his magic red drink for intense workouts so you can body build a ripped physique with greater ease. So what’s the “magic” and “red” in the fitness drink he’s officially named Afterburn Fuel? Our Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie has detected trace amounts of compounds that could be Weretiger blood in this workout drink. A Weretiger is a rare supernatural being who has the ability to transform into a tiger man,and sometimes a complete tiger as well. The most famous Weretiger known is Actor Charlie Sheen.

Humans Ingesting Supernatural Substances

The results of such paranormal blood in a human is unknown but it is theorized that it would give someone a huge amount of energy, enthusiasm, and possibly rage as well. It also might have a temporary muscular enhancing element for people who lift weights. Possibly Mike is a Weretiger and he is using his own blood to rake in profits. Weretiger blood may be beneficial but there’s always a risk for humans consuming supernatural substances. The main risk here would be the possible violent rage that could occur.  However, since the amount is so small as to be undetectable in complete red blood cell form there shouldn’t be issues for those who aren’t normally prone to fits of anger. Certainly someone directing that rage into body building would work off the excess emotions in the gym. Thankfully, the creation of Weretigers isn’t the result of bodily fluids transmitting a paranormal virus like that of Werewolves. So that risk doesn’t exist.

Mike’s Magic Red Afterburn Pre-Workout Fuel Drink

The known ingredients in Mike’s Magic Red Afterburn Pre-Workout Fuel Drink are Methylxanthine, Beta Alanine, Methyltyramine, Citrulline malate, Vanadyl Sulfate, Creatinol phosphate, Arginine Alpha Keto Glutamate (AAKG). Despite the long chemical sounding ingredients all of them are actually natural, and are produced in the human body in many cases. UPDATE: Apparently this drink no longer exists and the last webpage marketing it just forwards to the sites main page. A vitamin site says it’s out of stock. A review of it points to a site that no longer functions. In addition, Mike Chang sold his company SixPackAbs.Com and is no longer associated with it or his old Youtube Channel. Search For Other Pre-Workout Drinks…

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