Mystic Investigations Amusement Park Adventure

Xavier Remington, Mystic Investigations President Here! The employees have been trying to get me to acknowledge National Roller Coaster Day since I have a thing for most holidays including the extremely minor ones. I finally caved in and decided to take everyone to the amusement park for an extended lunch. However, they had to ride the scariest Roller Coaster the minute they got there without barfing or they’d have to return to work. Some declined to go at all due to not liking such rides. A few took up an offer from our Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander who is a vampire. He promised to compel or hypnotize them into not being afraid anymore. A few took him up on the offer. He would be staying behind due to sunlight issues that make him burst into unholy flames.  Read The Rest Of The Story That Includes A Sasquatch-Human Hybrid Attack!

What Scents Will Attract A Sasquatch So I Can Capture It?

It’s not likely that you’re going to capture the mystical Sasquatch whose height can be up to 9 feet tall, and weight pushing 700 pounds. Nobody has ever succeeded in this task. Not even top flight supernatural hunters that include those who specialize in Werewolves.

The Bigfoot subsists on a diet of pine cones and evergreen needles. However you won’t be able to lure it with those things. This is due to them living in the middle of coniferous forests ripe with evergreen scents. The only aroma I can think of that you could get hold of are traditional Native American herbal tobacco mixes smoked at various ceremonies paying homage to the Sasquatch. The Bigfoot has always been a friend, and protector of the Indians. Especially during the dark era when Werewolves began infesting tribes. Some types of incense might work as well to attract the tall furry ones. Consult your local Indian tribe to see if they can help you out.

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