Is The Zoltar Wishing Machine From The Movie Big Real?

In the 1988 movie “Big” Actor Tom Hanks plays a twelve-year-old boy who wishes to be big. He makes his rather generalized wish with a Zoltar Speaks arcade game that claims to grant wishes. Its claims were true and it chose to interpret the child’s wish to be big by making him a 35-year-old adult! After living as an adult for a month he realizes how much he misses being a kid. He finds the Zoltar machine at a new location and wishes to be twelve again. Both times the wishing machine was unplugged. Perhaps an explanation why every user of the machine doesn’t get their wish granted. He also aggressively banged on the thing to get it to work indicating how badly he wanted the wish. The wishing machine in Big was based on real Zoltar Fortune Telling machines that spit forth general words of wisdom and advice.๐Ÿ”ฎ

Are There Real Magical Machines That Predict Real Fortunes?

Fortune Telling is the gift of talented psychics, seers, mystics, some practitioners of magic and various supernatural beings. A machine, no matter how intricately constructed, simply couldn’t do such a thing. However, in the distant future sentient artificially intelligence supercomputers may have mental power great enough to make predictions with great accuracy. This via complicated formulas of mathematical probability and past calculations of various patterns. That being said, there are some real fortune telling machines scattered across the world. They may be products of witches, warlocks, wizards, or sorcerers. In some cases, the machine may be cursed to tell the future for the purposes of negative mental manipulation. The device could also be possessed by the ghost of a fortune teller or a demonic entity.๐Ÿ‘ฟ

More Often Than Not Fortune Telling Machines Mean To Mess With You!

Most of the time these mechanical predictors of the future were created to torment humans in some way. A maniacal method to perpetuate perplexing evil once a dark soul has passed on to the great beyond! It’s not very common for these machines to be designed for the purpose of continuing one’s legacy of good grace in helping people find their destinies or avoid the dangers of life. It’s said a handful of these machines are in the possession of billionaires or locked away in private or government research facilities. The only verified location of a genuine fortune telling machine is at the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences in Scotland. It was confiscated from a dark wizards lair and made safe by the Headmaster Sorcerer Ian McTavish.

Are Wish Granting Machines Real?

The grant of wishes is far rarer than the telling of fortunes. Wishes can only be granted by a limited number of beings including higher dimensional beings. Those such as demons often require a soul in exchange for the wish. We also have the notoriously tricky Jinn who only grant their three wishes when trapped in bottles and lamps as Genies. We also have Leprechauns who only reluctantly grants wishes when you hold them or their gold hostage. Most magical practitioners can’t grant wishes outright but they can use their powers to make some dreams come true. With all this being said there are secret supernatural records showing the unique existence of wishing machines. The ones we know of involve the three beings mentioned above in conjunction with some purveyor of magic, curse or other metaphysical circumstance.

The Devil’s Curse

Amazingly, there is a blatantly evil looking machine that’s called “The Devil’s Curse”. Its location is currently unknown because it self-teleports randomly around the planet. The Devil was fascinated with the Industrial Revolution of the early 19th century. While briefly on Earth during that time he took his turn at creating a diabolical device! It’s said he utilized dark witches and a piece of his demonic spirit to finalize the wishing powers of the malevolent machine. A bust of a quintessential horned Devil rests in the machine as a sarcastic nod at how people picture him. The demonic figure asks the user to either sell their soul or accept the Devil’s Curse in order to have a wish granted. If they choose to sell their soul then the real Devil or one of his demonic representatives appears. Soul-selling can only occur in person with a written contract signed in blood! If they chose the vaguely described Curse then they must stick their hand in a door for a blood sacrifice. A sharp pin pierces the skin to extract blood for a minute. The wish is granted and the curse ends up being that everyone they know dies within a year!๐Ÿ˜ˆ

The Dark Leprechauns Revenge

Nearly 1000 years ago a Leprechaun named Siobhan was framed by a Clurichaun, aka dark demonic Leprechaun, as a traitor and thief. He suffered the injustice of being stripped of his pot of gold. However, he threw himself off a cliff before being banished to the Underworld. Had he accepted his punishment he would have later been exonerated and released back to full Leprechaun status! A Leprechauns spirit is tied to his gold so he in essence haunted or possessed his own gold after his death. As the gold was seen to be tainted and full of dark luck it was thrown off the same cliff into the deep canyon below. A psychic wicked witch found the gold centuries later. She sensed the Leprechauns presence but he was so embedded in his gold that she couldn’t get any wishes out of him. She had a talented watchmaker in her magical debt and he agreed to construct a wishing machine imbued with her magical spells. Half the gold was melted and molded into the device. Upon said gold, the sinister spells were hand engraved. The rest of the gold coins were kept in the machine as apart of the wishing process.๐Ÿง™โ€โ™€๏ธ

The witch created a large ventriloquist like doll in the shape of a leprechaun. It sits behind the glass in the machine. It allows the Leprechaun to finally interact and communicate on a limited basis with our world. Although his soul is imprisoned in the machine. He is forced to give wishes or the witches spells metaphysically torture him! The operator of the device makes a wish and then one of the Leprechauns gold coins flows into his mouth. This ends his suffering for a time. Leprechaun wishes are based on Luck but in this case, it is, in essence, a Clurichauns wish based on bad luck. The user will get their wish but a boatload of chaotic tragedy will be required for it to come true!

The wicked witch knew how to utilize the machine without it biting her in the rear. There’s also the fact that she could have cared less if anyone suffered as a result of her wishes. However, the Leprechaun got his revenge some years later when she made a mistake in wording her wish and she ended up falling prey to a Witch Slayer! The current whereabouts of The Leprechauns Revenge are unknown. Yes, the machines signage actually says that! Despite this, it’s made out to be a joke when it’s deadly serious! The Leprechaun doesn’t necessarily have a grudge against humans but he relishes in spreading bad luck in defiance of the Leprechaun mission of favorable fortune.๐Ÿ€

The Genuine Genie

It was only 11 years ago when a Jinn Hunter was faced with a violent Djinn and he had no magical lamp or bottle to trap them in. Thankfully, he was in possession of a large box that was magically spelled to be supernaturally sealed. He was relatively sure it would trap the Djinn long enough for him to acquire a proper lamp or bottle from supernatural black market dealers in Iraq. He caught the higher dimensional abomination but inadvertently had his soul ripped from his body! It happened so violently that his body died. The Djinn was now a Genie permanently held in the box by the power of the Jinn Hunters soul intertwined with the spelled box and the Genie itself. It became the first and only Genie’s Box!

The box was found by paranormal relic hunters but couldn’t be opened due to the sealing spell. Eventually, it was sold to a sadistic millionaire collector who utilized a hired Sorcerer to open it and gain three wishes. It’s said the millionaire’s final wish lead to him entering a higher plane of existence. He instructed the Sorcerer to install the box in a vending machine he had an inventor design. The millionaire had the advice of the Sorcerer and a special Genie wish wording book to ensure the wishes didn’t backfire on him. Genies are notorious for twisting wishes as they resent being trapped. The millionaire knew the average person would probably be screwed if they tried to make the same wishes. This brought him great joy as he hated people who he looked at as only means to his selfish ends!

The Genuine Genie machine was then released into the world. A person puts a coin in and a mechanism opens the box hidden in the machine. The sensual looking female Genie appears in a wisp of pink smoke coming out of a fake Genie bottle inside the glass display case. It’s explained away as an advanced hologram. The operator is then asked to make three wishes that will surely bring them great regret! Due to the unique nature of this Genie box it can’t keep making wishes if a line of people kept activating it. It needs about 3 years to metaphysically recharge. The current location of the Genuine Genie is unknown. We do know that the machine is owned by the nefariously mysterious Bortinox Corporation. Agents of this company continually move the machine about the planet.๐Ÿงžโ€โ™€๏ธ

Develop Super Powers!

If you spot any of the above supernatural machines immediately contact your local good witch or paranormal professionals!๐Ÿง™โ€โ™‚๏ธ

Is Magic School Real?

There are many secret supernatural schools of magic around the world hidden from public view. Unfortunately, the most famous fictional school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry isn’t one of them in our particular reality. However, it does exist in a Parallel Universe along with the entire world of Harry Potter. This is courtesy of Author Authority powers via the human collective consciousness believing in JK Rowlings stories. Thankfully, we have the next best thing! The McTavish Magic School!

The Super Sorcerer Ian McTavish

McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences, sometimes simply called McTavish Magic School, is the most preeminent and exclusive school of magic on Earth! It’s located in the magical highlands of Scotland on the shores of the mystical and picturesque Loch Ness. The entire academy, including the students, are invisibly cloaked via powerful magicks. The school was founded in 1333 by one of the most famous and powerful Sorcerers of all time, Ian McTavish. He was born in Inveraray, Scotland in 1142 from a long line of magical practitioners that included hereditary witches. His ancient ancestors had their origins in the building of Stonehenge dating back to 3000 BC. He was a child prodigy of magic and quickly advanced his skills to Wizardry and eventually became a top flight Sorcerer.

The McTavish Magic School

His magicks became so powerful that he was able to reverse his aging process and stay forever young. Today he is still the Immortal Headmaster of the MIAMS and is generally thought to be one of the most powerful persons to wield magic on Earth. He started the magical school to forge an enchanted path of righteousness around the Earth. He wished to shape countless generations of enlightened people to wield magic as a force of good in the eternal fight against evil. It was the first school of its kind that scoured the Earth looking for magical talent. It spawned a handful of other magical institutions around the world.

The Building And Cloaking Of A Secret Magic School

Ian McTavish bought the land and built a castle under a magical cloaking spell with the help of a paranormal work crew. Over the years he’s purchased more land under various corporate names and expanded the facilities greatly. The cloaking spell not only makes the school grounds invisible but also sends them slightly out of phase with reality so outsiders don’t walk into walls. To an outside observer the land looks natural, untouched and free of any buildings or signs of any person on the property. To avoid confusion the cloaking spell cloaks normal people who might travel across the land from being seen by the students and faculty. If this wasn’t the case then people walking through the walls would appear as ghosts to the student’s. They wouldn’t want to take away from the real ghosts.๐Ÿ‘ป

Animals See All!

Animals are able to see the grounds and sometimes walk through the walls while other times avoiding the buildings. Unlike average people who might walk through, the animals do remain visible to the teachers and student. Whether it be a ghostly looking deer or bird flying down the halls. The school is also home to mythical animals such as Unicorns which are also cloaked from being seen by the general public unless they leave the grounds. If you’ve ever walked the entire length around Loch Ness then you probably walked right through the school without knowing it!

Application And Acceptance To McTavish

Applications are not required and are almost never accepted because McTavish chooses you and not the other way around! He and his top flight mystical staff detect those with magical potential from around the globe! This takes place in The Department Of Magical Potential. Specifically, in a room with a giant swinging crystal pendulum hanging over a giant gold map of the world on the floor. When one is deemed worthy to attend the academy they get a very special notification of acceptance. An invitation to the magic school appears out of nowhere on the pillow of their bed. It will be in a purple envelope that seems to be made of silk yet it’s firm. Your name will be embossed upon it in 24K gold and Ian McTavish’s official seal will be in gold, silver, and crushed multi-colored crystals.

The Magical Invitation

Inside the enchanting envelope will be a magical invitation on a type of iridescent glittering paper you’ve never seen before. It will instruct you on how to reach the magic school to begin your lessons. And no it doesn’t involve you going to a train station and running into a brick wall. Most still don’t believe it even when seeing the print dance around with holographic images on the paper. That is why a spell compels the person to find the school for their own good! That being said, Acceptance is probation based. One must still pass various tests of magical potential before full admission is accepted. Read The Rest Of The Story Here…๐Ÿง™โ€โ™‚๏ธ

How Much Does Magic School Cost?

JK RowlingJ.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter book series, recently tweeted that a magical education at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry was tuition-free. She was prompted to reveal this when an article estimated the cost of an education at her supposedly fictional school would probably cost $43,000 a year!ย  Of course, Hogwarts does exist in a Parallel Universe where the education is funded by the Ministry Of Magic. Realistically, only a small number of the 7 billion people on Earth would have magical abilities nor even know of Hogwarts. Therefore it would be crazy to deny future talent an education due to mortal monetary restraints!

Real Magic Schools In Our World

In our reality, there are a number of secret magical institutions of higher education.ย  The most prestigious of these is McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences presided by Headmaster Ian McTavish. Ian is the world’s most renowned immortal Sorcerer. Like Hogwarts, McTavish Academy, along with most magic schools, are indeed free of charge to students. Although, those with wealth are expected to make generous donations to the school. If there was tuition it would be astronomical. That financial roadblock would deny 99% of the supernaturally gifted from around the world from flourishing. Unlike the world of Harry Potter, there is no magical government or Ministry Of Magic. There are secret mystical organizations around the world that attempt to keep order but there’s no official entity that presides over the world of the supernatural. The higher dimensional powers that be did enact a Supernatural Secrecy Pact in 33 AD that sends forth general guidelines enforceable by Angels, Demons, Nature Deities, and others. This ensured the paranormal world would remain a secret from most of humankind and keep magical interference to a minimum until the grander battles of Armageddon!

The Economics Of Magic

Since we’re talking about real magic clearly these schools are run by powerful magical practitioners who could conjure up buildings, supplies, etc. Professors who teach and perform research work aren’t generally paid. They volunteer to keep their craft alive and support the cause of fighting the forces of darkness, or in some cases the forces of righteousness. Those with true magical talent can come by wealth easily enough and more or less the schools provide anything necessary for their comfortable survival. However, some do demand pay that is usually in the form of gold created through alchemy or culled from ancient treasure storage’s collected by those magicians who happen to be immortal. Such treasure reserves of gold and silver collected over the centuries cover any expenses when magical resources have been temporarily depleted. After all, if someone had unlimited magical power they’d, in essence, be a God or a Genie! Also, they’d rather use those magick’s for enchanted emergencies rather than property and employee maintenance.

Free Education For All!

JK Rowling also made mention that Muggles, aka non-magical humans, should get their act together to offer free college as well. If human society was truly about bettering our species, and civilization as quickly as possible then we would seek to educate everyone who wanted to learn. Certainly, there are thousands of people around the world with untapped potential. Those who could contribute to propelling humankind to the stars before an extinction level event occurs on Earth! In fact, there is evidence that humankind rose to advanced heights a handful of times over the past 100,000 years only to fall into total ruin! Our world rose from the post-apocalypse!

Ultimately, what future do we have if only the wealthy are able to attain top-flight educations? It’s just another mechanism to keep people within the economic class they were born into. Perhaps all those tax dollars that seem to disappear into a black hole in so many nations could be better spent educating the populace! Thankfully, quite a few ultra gifted at least gain scholarships and grants to propel themselves to greater heights! [September 1st Is #BackToHogwarts]