Does Everyone Have A Guardian Angel?

Yes just about everyone has a Guardian Angel, and they’re on you right now like white on rice!   Even the Humans who are judged unworthy for ascension to Godhood across the near infinite parallel Universes. A multitude of realities where they lead an amazing number of lives encompassing just about every scenario within reason.  Ascending to Godhood is, of course, the ultimate purpose of humankind despite the establishment religions mantra of eternal servitude to God.  These guardian angels are there to protect the individual and make sure the various life scenarios can be played out to see how a person handles any given situation.  Protection from demons, various other forces of evil, and even just random chaos are the reason for these Heavenly watchers.

Naturally, you might find it creepy, and intrusive to have some invisible person watching every move you make in private.  Luckily we have some good news about that. Evidence deeply suggests that these guardian angels are actually you.  Heaven exists outside of time so your soul or Angel self already exists in Heaven with all the memories of your many lives.  Your first duty as an Angel is to watch over and protect yourself in any particular given Multiverse, aka collection of related Parallel Universes.  Yes, you also exist in other Multiverses and have multiple angel selves who will later be fused together in one Archangel self who can then choose to rise to Godhood, and start their own Omniverse, aka massive collection of Multiverses!

Clearly, it’s convenient to have yourself as a Guardian Angel since you wouldn’t want anyone else seeing every moment of your life. Moments that would inevitably include private compromising, and embarrassing situations. Whether it be sex or even using the crapper!  Thankfully your Guardian Angel also halts potentially awkward intrusions from the Afterlife.  The spirits of deceased family, friends, and even enemies who might phase into your reality violating your privacy.  Guardian Angels even have the authority to censor certain moments from Heavenly Angels. However high-level Archangels, and of course the Omniverse God can simply see everything long distance whether you like it or not!

Amazingly one Guardian Angel watches over all your parallel Universe selves in an entire Multiverse! This may seem like an impossible mission but you’re a higher dimensional super being who can simultaneously be everywhere at once. You’d simply be bored watching over yourself in only one Universe!  It’s hard to comprehend that at this very moment you exist in the first level of Heaven, aka the 6th dimension, as a 5-dimensional being.  A being of amazing power who exists there, and near every biological, or even mechanical body, your soul is intertwined with including right next to you at this very moment as you read this.  You’re smiling at yourself right now.  Just turn to your right, and smile back since guardian angels generally exist on the right side of a person.  Also when you’re talking to yourself you literally are talking to Yourself.  They’re answering right back at you but you obviously can’t hear them. So next time you see a person talking to themselves don’t brand them as a nutty kook, or a sad lonely soul.

Since your Guardian Angel has all your memories they know how your life is supposed to go, and cannot change anything under Universal Laws.   Most likely they wouldn’t want to because they’ve gone through your life, and learned valuable lessons.  They’re now living the sweet life in the great beyond with all their, aka your,  family, and friends.  Although I’m sure they, or you, don’t enjoy seeing you go through the various unpleasant situations of life.  When you look back and wonder how you got through the tough times it’s most likely your Angel self who gave you the strength to succeed. Your metaphysical anchor compelling you to bear the hardships of physical life.

A minute amount of people who are exceptionally evil already have their souls in Hell which isn’t a punishment for them.  They were simply destined to ascend, or more precisely descend, into Demonhood. Those who aren’t considered righteous yet aren’t evil enough to be wanted by the powers of Hell still watch over themselves without fully knowing their ultimate fate.  They still might be judged good in enough other Multiverses.  However, that’s unheard of.  Once they’re unified as an Archangel they’re informed they failed at life, and at that moment they will feel it in their dull hearts.  The unfortunate individual will then be mercifully blinked out of existence.  Man what a rotten note to end this article on. 🙂 Thankfully they exist in other Omniverses, and will always exist in some form in the greater infinite Macroverse.

So how do we know all of this?  You guessed it!  Years of extensive research into ancient secret scrolls, and texts with the knowledge of amazing mystics, and psychics who know the real deal of the great beyond.  Secrets kept from humankind by the religious establishments of the world for the purposes of command, and control.  Now you’ve been enlightened to the truth, and can live secure in your new found knowledge! 👼Find Your Guardian Archangel👼

How To Communicate With Your Guardian Angel!

October 2nd Is The Memorial Of The Holy Guardian Angels Day

What Can I Do About A Portal To Hell In My Basement?

You’ve had a delightful day and an enchanting evening as the Midnight Witching Hour approaches. You begin smelling sulfur as intermittent high pitched sounds subtly echo through your house. Every so often the lights flicker as thing begin to heat up even as you jack up the air conditioning. The basement seems to be the source. However, you just assume you’re imagining things even as you see a blurry circle or sphere forming before you. This can be in the middle of the room, in the floor, ceiling, or wall. You rub your eyes and decide you simply need some sleep. As you sleep that sphere begins glowing orange with fire as a horrifying mirage of Hell appears!

You awaken during the 3 AM Devil’s Hour in a cold sweat to shrill screams of sheer terror amid calamitous cackling. The thermostat indicates your home is pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit for no logical reason! You peer down the basement steps to witness an eerie orange glow. You cautiously descend into the horrid smelling basement bellowing with crackling flames, the sounds of suffering, and the deep gleefully laughter of evil. Before you is a window into Hell itself or in some cases the Underworld. Sometimes merely a parallel dimension. If you step close enough you will find out it’s a doorway to a place that nightmares are made of!

Whatever can you do? Why is this living hell even happening? There are many reasons why a portal to Hell would appear in your home. These include Curses, your home is the site of a demonic ritual, a prelude to you or another being possessed by a demon, your home lies on a dark metaphysical energy center, a previously cloaked entrance to the Underworld, or even a random a paranormal anomaly. These are just to name a few! Thankfully, most of the time the demons or dark gods beyond the alarming entrance have no idea it’s there unless they accidentally happen upon it or are in contact with magical practitioners who conjured it. Just stay at least a good six feet away as it may have a powerful gravity-like pull to suck you in!

These things take some hours to form. If you can catch it in time then it can be prevented. Douse the area with holy red sea salt, holy water, and blessed oils while reading verses from the Bible. Getting a Priest to perform an exorcism ritual should work for a rapidly forming Hell portal. If the paranormal portal is already there you can still do all the above while creating a thick holy salt line on the floor around it to prevent anything from coming through. Placing several opened Bible’s or other religious books around it can help as well. Constant prayer may be your only hope when facing this horror! Simply placing a black curtain around it will prevent dark spirits from seeing that it goes to Earth.

In order to close this insane opening, you’ll need a parade of Priests, witches or other magicians. Preferably witches practicing Enochian Angel Magic. They will call upon Angels to close the abomination as they paint Enochian sigil’s all your basement in holy blood! This may bring attention to the portal on the Hell side causing demons to roar forth! Ultimately we have faith in the power of Angels and they will be driven back. The portal will be extinguished! Afterward, paranormal professionals may recommend filling in the basement with blessed cement or even burning the house to the ground in a blaze of holy fire!

If you choose to abandon the house once a Hell portal forms please contact some manner of supernatural savior as it will continue to grow and possibly be an invasion point for Armageddon! If you don’t know who to call then try the US Paranormal Defense Agency (PDA). You can do this by calling 911 with the first words out of your mouth being “PDA”. Then immediately tell the operator what your metaphysical issues is. They will naturally think you’re nuts and plausibly contact mental health services. However, The US PDA through the NSA monitors all communications with an amazing artificially intelligence supercomputer. PDA Agents will be instantly alerted. This will include scrubbing all evidence of your call taking place. Police, mental health services, and any other non-paranormal authorities will be canceled.

More than likely they won’t be able to end the portal but will contain it. Your home and possibly the surrounding acres will become an official top secret base like Area 51. You and other property owners will be paid a pretty penny to move away and never speak of what happened ever again! We suggest you obey the wishes of these Men In Black or you may disappear!

Do Real Bottomless Pits Exist?

Bottomless PitThe Bible speaks of The Bottomless Pit as another name for Hell. The dark yet brightly flame lit domain of the Devil and his demonic minions. Technically speaking a multi-dimensional metaphysical realm like Hell can be without end and so describing it as a bottomless pit is accurate. In fact, there are at least a handful of pits and tunnels hidden around the world that lead to the Underworld. The Underworld is the physical hell of dark gods and low-level demons deep within the Earth. It gradually transmutes into the non-physical Hell. Some say these 90-degree passages were dug by horrifying beasts under the control of dark forces! These perplexing pits are primarily used for demonic cult rituals when they sacrifice innocents to their evil God or demon of choice. If sacrificed to the Devil the person thrown into the pit will drop miles through the Underworld before descending into fiery hell where they continue falling through the blasphemous brimstone for all eternity! Every so often the Devil will have his fun with them along the way. Hopefully, an Ice Demon or Angel saves them if they’re worthy.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth!
There’s also a prehistoric pit or transport tube that goes to the center of the Earth and up the other side or vice versa depending on your perspective. Its entrance or exit is located underneath the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Amazingly the water doesn’t flow into the tubes by some unknown force. The same force that causes the tube to go through Earth’s molten heart. Interestingly enough there is air within the tunnel courtesy of various vents to land surfaces around the world. Some surmise it was created by an alien civilization in conjunction with the cooperation of Goddess Gaia Mother Nature. It runs through the Underworld and its walls may be home to various unknown terrestrial and extraterrestrial species. Its existence may account for the so-called Hollow Earth Theory.

When falling into this dark pit you would accelerate up to 300 mph before reaching Earth’s molten core 20 hours later! Sometime before then you would normally crash into the sides of the pit due to Earths rotation causing addition movement. However, once again there is an unseen force keeping you centered. When you reach the center the power of your plummeting self will continue forth overshooting it for 100 miles before falling back down and beginning the process again. For several weeks you’ll shoot back and forth through the center like a pendulum due to the zero gravity properties known to exist there. Eventually, you will more or less cease movement and just float in the center until you die! It’s not known how much protection the tube walls provide against the molten lava heat. So you could possibly be baked alive rather quickly upon reaching the center. It’s surmised the tunnel was meant for advanced spacecraft that travel underwater as well.

The Ultimate Universal Bottomless Pit!
The true title of a real physical Bottomless Pit goes to one that actually stretches across the entire Universe! Some say it is a primordial wormhole formed not long after The Big Bang. It theoretically connects to five-dimensional hyperspace that goes on without end thereby making it bottomless. However, if you made it to the 5th dimension you’d just flop around like a helpless piece of paper because you’re merely a 3-D entity without a four-dimensional canvas. In reality, you’d never make it to the end as the Universe’s Dark Energy expansion pulls you like gravity. The movement of four-dimensional space-time propels you perpetually across the never-ending expanse of light years. The laws of physics are defied within this special ancient wormhole as time stands still. You remain in an alarmingly awake stasis state never aging nor dying by any cause! You simply feel like you’re falling at light speed through a dark void. You can only pray that aliens or angels save your life!

Mel’s Bottomless Pit