ET UFO Teleports Car From Main Street North Dakota

On November 7, 2014 security cam footage was posted on Youtube of a car in Cavalier, North Dakota disappearing in a flash of light (Car pictured at left moments before its paranormal disappearance).  It was classified by many as an extraterrestrial UFO abduction.  After an extensive paranormal investigation it indeed appears that the dark-colored sedan in the video above was teleported by the aliens known as Greys from the Gliese 581 star system.  These are the short skinny grey colored aliens with large heads, big eyes, and long limbs known for their kidnapping, and experimentation on humans.

The Alarming Alien Abduction!

UFO Aductees

The vehicle contained an unidentified male, and female who were abducted according to our supernatural sources in contact with the extraterrestrial species we know as the Greens.  The Greens are a friendly extraterrestrial species that are cousins of the Greys.  While the Greys mission is eventual domination of Earth mostly by forced interbreeding with us, the Greens are here only to stop their misguided cousins.

Aliens Are Among Us!

UFO Abduction

This advanced teleportation incident occurred on November 6th, 2014 between 1st Avenue and Division Avenue at approximately 1:42 AM Central Standard Time.   The time was confirmed by the few people in vicinity who recall seeing the blinding light flash of the teleportation process.  It’s unknown why the Greys chose to teleport the entire vehicle rather than just the two occupants.  Most likely they were experimenting with a more powerful teleportation device.  The device that de-materialized the car, and it’s human occupants into energy.  The light flash (pictured at the right) was the massive photon release of an explosive surge of electromagnetic radiation contained by a force field.  A common characteristic of alien teleportation devices, the radiation was still slightly read on a Geiger Counter a few days after the incident.  In an instant the terrified human couple would have found themselves materialized into a dark foreboding metallic chamber within an extraterrestrial vessel high in the stratosphere.  At this point we can only hope for their safe return.  Even if that happens the physical, and mental trauma of abduction, and experimentation will live with them forever!

Since there is very little mainstream news about this along with no indications of a missing persons report for the Cavalier, ND area some have said this must be a hoax.  No it’s just the government covering up UFO activity to prevent public panic.  The US Paranormal Defense Agency was probably made immediately aware of the incident via the NSA spy grid.  Certainly an abnormal flash of blinding light appearing on a security camera feed would get an AI supercomputer’s attention.  There were reports of men dressed in black suits canvassing the area wearing sunglasses which is their trademark uniform. We’re not sure why they make themselves so obvious?  Probably an intimidation tactic to silence witnesses.  Fortunately for us someone managed to smuggle out the video footage above, and post it on the internet where it can never be contained.