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When there’s something strange & non-corporeal lurking about your house who are you going to call?  Ghost Busters, otherwise known as Ghost Hunters.  Naturally a specially trained Priest from any reputable religion will do as well.  Certainly as our society descends further into modern madness the incidents of ghosts continue to increase.  Not only due to traumatic deaths but a plethora of unresolved issues that prevent spirits from moving on into the light.  Then there’s entities of invisible higher dimensional evil that can be demonic in nature which can include poltergeists.  A fully trained, and certified Ghost Hunter is equipped with the tools, and knowledge to handle these seemingly impossible to deal with ghosts.

Although men mostly make up this profession a small percentage of brave women take up
the cause of cleaning the Earth of restless, and malicious spirits that harass the living rather than resting in peace.  Perhaps you’d rather not delve into that arena, or haven’t received the higher calling required to join the real paranormal community brimming with supernatural danger.  Yet you’d like to at least imagine yourself in that role. If so then this Halloween might be the time to dress up as a Ghost Buster ready for action!  The costume pictured above isn’t typical ghost hunting apparel but it’s not exactly unheard of for women to dress less in the hot, and humid summer months.  Certainly haunted houses don’t have air conditioning!  This sexy Ghost Hunting costume is ideal for Halloween, and other types of costume parties.  However a nice trench coat would make it compatible for the cool Autumn night of Halloween Trick O Treating with the kiddies. Click here to purchase this costume or learn more about it.

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