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“Revolution” is an exciting TV series about all electrical power going out on the entire Earth. The power has been off for 15 years, and it’s a post apocalyptic world that has returned to being an agrarian society ruled over by Militia’s in a world made up of several small Republics. Some people possess some mysterious device that allows the power to work in a small area around them. The show doesn’t give the reason for the power outage but this device suggests some global energy dampening device is in place. A device set off by a government, private corporation, or aliens. It’s hard to say what the purpose of doing this was or if the global power outage was an accident. It could be a huge alien experiment but then why do some people, who clearly aren’t aliens, possess the mysterious power device. It’s most likely an accident because nobody is benefiting from this except hundreds of small unrelated Militia’s. Perhaps there was a plan of global domination by a government or corporation but it blew up in their faces. Post your thoughts on what you think caused the power outage, and what the show is about?

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