The Sickening Smoker Zombie

The sinister stench sails slowly within,
a sinuous specter trespassing my domain,
the stifling stink seriously suffocates,
perpetuated by a weak willed wayward one,
a pathetic zombie serenely sucking life away!🚭

By Xavier Remington | Mystic Poetry Portal |
-A Lifelong Non-Smoker Of Strong Will!

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It’s no coincidence 40% of Smokers are those with mental illness. The rest presumably think it makes them look cool. Not sure how sucking away on a stick is cool? Also interesting that those without a college degree tend to smoke the most as well. Hopefully the silly smoking idiocy passes away by the 22nd Century! Until then there should be a ban on it everywhere unless you can keep it confined to your own private home or weirdo smoking club. The trespass of your sinister smoke upon innocents will finally come to a close someday.

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