The Return Of The Original Karate Kid

Finally, after three decades we see the return of the original 1984 Karate Kid motion picture in a half hour drama comedy on Youtube Red. The web series is called Cobra Kai and it will follow the lives of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).  Apparently, Johnny decides to re-open the Cobra Kai dojo in defiance of Daniel. In turn, the old competitive rivalry between the two is reignited. The trailer seems to indicate Johnny is an alcoholic who didn’t amount to much in life. Only after he helped out a kid being bullied does he open a dojo and start to turn his life around. Daniel is amazingly a success with his own car dealership known as the LaRusso Auto Group. Conflict comes into play when his daughter dates a Cobra Kai student. Hopefully, Mr.Miyagi finally taught Daniel all his karate secrets before he died. I felt like he held back the good stuff. Especially considering how Mike Barnes really toyed with him in Karate Kid Part III. You can watch the Cobra Kai series here once it is released on May 2, 2018.

The Karate Kid Part Four I Imagined Years Ago
I was always hoping they would have an action-packed part 4. The Next Karate Kid doesn’t count. I found it hard to believe that Terry Silver, Sensei Kreese, and Mike Barnes just walked away quietly after their miserable Part III failure. However, it would be too redundant for another movie. Instead some opening minutes would deal with this just like the fight between Sensei Kreese and Miyagi in Karate Kid II. Although, Miyagi already fought all three antagonists so it would be old news to do it again. I feel Kreese and Silver would be enraged at Barnes thereby compelling them to beat the crap out of him in the parking lot. Miyagi wasn’t there to see it and he probably wouldn’t have intervened anyway as Barnes deserved it. Barnes goes back to being Karate’s Bad Boy now that the planned re-opening of the Cobra Kai dojo is canceled due to the tournament disgrace and continued bad reputation. After drowning their sorrows in booze a drunken Terry and Kreese talk about revenge. Silly plans of financially ruining Miyagi and even framing Daniel for various crimes. Foolishly they decide to surprise Miyagi at his home while he sleeps. They believe it’s the only way to finally get the better of the karate master. Daniel witnesses them breaking in and calls the police.

Before the cops get there we finally see someone get the jump on Miyagi. Terry holds him down while Kreese starts punching him relentlessly in the face. Daniel tries to intervene but he is immediately knocked out cold by Kreese. Both cowardly men cackle maniacally as they beat Miyagi mercilessly. All the while Miyagi remains bravely silent staring them down with intense eyes! Being drunk Terry’s body slips allowing Miyagi to free his legs and use them to choke and roll Silver out of bed as he takes out Kreese just before passing out himself from the multiple blows to the head.

The police arrive and the news headlines further disgrace the two men as drunks who beat an old man while he slept! Both men end up in prison! Headlines later in the movie show that the IRS and EPA shut down Silvers business along with seizing all his assets over tax fraud and illegal toxic waste dumping! Even if this had not happened it is a fair bet Sato from Part 2 has more of a business empire and more powerful allies. He would have neutralized Terry Silver for Miyagi!

After this unsavory business has ended we get to the real movie that involves Chozen from Part 2 returning for revenge after being imprisoned in Japan for his various murder attempts. Chozen becomes a member of the Yakuza and sets up a criminal syndicate in Daniels California community. There he runs the bonsai shop with Miyagi. Daniel also has his own karate dojo that isn’t necessarily approved, nor opposed, by Miyagi. Before this Miyagi gets word that his friend Sato has been murdered by his nephew Chozen in a cowardly attack of multiple ninjas! This motivates the normally passive Miyagi, to aid Daniel, and Johnny, who I saw as being a lawyer, in their quest to clean up the neighborhood of far east crime. Especially since law enforcement is bought off or individually threatened by the raw criminal power! The final fight scene is Chozen vs Daniel and Johnny as Miyagi deals with multiple ninja adversaries. This movie would definitely require stunt doubles to the max!

Chozen has secretly contacted Mike Barnes who pops out of nowhere and beats up Johnny just as Chozen is finished off by Daniel. Amid the fight Chozen had pulled a gun but Daniel kicked it from his hand. Mike picks up the gun ready to shoot Daniel but drops it and says,”This crap has gone too far man!” He’s about to leave when Johnny gets the drop on him.

Barnes, Chozen, the ninjas, and Chozen’s Yakuza thugs are arrested by the FBI and all end up in jail. Some are extradited to Japan. This time the prison sentences are so long that these fools will never be a problem again! The Yakuza disavow the disgrace of Chozen and his American operation as they never approved his silly revenge plans. At the end of the movie Miyagi decides to return to Okinawa to live out the rest of his days. He had originally only planned to go for Sato’s funeral. Daniel gets married and Johnny is his Best Man. THE END!

Certainly, the return of Chozen, Mike Barnes, Terry Silver, or Sensei Kreese would be a compelling idea for future seasons of Cobra Kai! If anyone producing Cobra Kai sees this page feel free to use any of these ideas! If you have any ideas or comments for the series or additional films that you wish had occurred then post below using Facebook comments.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the fine line of Karate Kid films then now is the time before Cobra Kai airs on Youtube Red. I’d say the nostalgic excitement of this series should compel you to subscribe to Youtube Red! At the time of posting this article, they are offering a free month trial membership! [Top Youtube Comment]

After watching all ten episodes of Cobra Kai Season One I can honestly say it is the greatest television series of the 2000’s! The spectacular series is rich in nostalgia from the original films while creating a new compelling story line with the younger generation. An interesting thing about the series is that the lines between who should be the good and the bad guys are blurred. At one time or another you’re rooting for opposing forces. It seems they have made two of my wishes for the series come true. The surprise return of Sensei Kreese in the final scene of the series finale. In addition, Season Two has been confirmed and Mikes Barnes, aka Sean Kanan, will be coming back! Apparently there’s even talk of a Season 3 as well! Cobra Kai is a complete hit with fans and new viewers alike!

The Season 2 Trailer Of Cobra Kai Set To Premier April 24, 2019

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