Halloween Party Decoration & Refreshment Ideas

If your’re thinking about having the most excellent Halloween Party possible then long term planning is key. Complete your plans three weeks in advance of your party as that is when you ideally want to send out the invitations. Enough time to receive RSVP’s so you can confirm who will be attending. The invitation will also indicate if you want the party to be a certain theme that extends to the costumes party goers will wear. Most tend to go with Halloween parties where any costumes are okay. Create incentive for people to be extra creative with their costumes by offering awesome prizes for the best ones! Various Halloween games, pumpkin carving contests and scavenger hunts with prizes can be fun as well. Particularly if the party is for children.

Transform your home into the quintessential haunted house that is the spooky atmosphere of the scary season. Fog machines are king both in and outside your house. Deck the haunted halls with cobwebs, spiders, skulls, Jack-O-Lanterns and anything else that might creep people out. Candles are always a must but the flameless variety are probably best as party goers might inadvertently knock one over and start a fire! Otherwise take precautions such as placing them up high or behind other things to prevent accidents.

You can step up your Halloween Decorations to the next level with elaborate eerie animatronics. Play Halloween sound effects and music over speakers in the background. Howling wolves and Monster Mash are standards of the Halloween party experience. Playing scary movies on one or more televisions or even having scary digital effects are always a plus. Such digital decors is best served over large HD screens or via television projectors. Especially if you’re going with ghosts or are looking for jump scares! Speaking of which it wouldn’t hurt to have some people who are tasked with popping out of places to scare the living hell out of party timers. Just make sure they’re not too young or too old as heart attacks could be an issue!

Be creative with the Halloween refreshments yet at the same time keep it simple. As people will be wearing costumes you want to keep in mind the possibility of spills and their mouths possibly being impeded. Snacks and finger foods are fine for a party as nobody will be expecting a three course meal. Beverages, both alcohol imbued and alcohol free, are big at parties so make up Halloween themed names for them and add dry ice for even more alarming ambiance. Having Halloween themed paper plates, cups, napkins, etc are just another touch you can add to make your party something that will remembered straight through Christmas!🎃

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