Fear Runs Rampant With The Jack-O-Lantern Monster Afoot!

As All Hallows Eve approaches the nefarious Jack-O-Lantern Monster has been sighted numerous times rearing his big round pumpkin head around our paranormal planet.  The fuzzy image to the left is the only known photograph of this dastardly denizen of darkness.  Clearly the person who took this photo is no longer with us.  God bless their eternal soul!  This monstrous master of malevolent mayhem was once an extremely evil human named Jack Smith who lived in 18th century Britain.  He was far eviler than any legends you may have heard related to the origins of the Jack-O-Lantern.  He was a relentless serial killer who had an iron will, and would often declare his intent to depose the Devil, and rule over Hell when he died.  This despite the fact there was nothing supernatural about him, and he was not into any dark magics.  However he had attained an amazing level of consciousness most humans don’t achieve though the force of his own will.  He was beginning to access the pure thought matrix that is the foundation of our reality.  Read The Rest Of This Dire Warning!


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