The Dog-Human Hybrid

The Human-Dog Hybrid in the video above is named Boomer. He is the creation of a top-secret supernatural experiment within a non-profit organization looking to bridge the gap between animals and humankind for the betterment of all concerned. As you can see Boomer hasn’t yet acquired the power of speech and is using sign language to communicate his wishes to the world. Soon these amazing hybrids will assimilate into our society to work alongside us in all facets of life. How long before we see the first canine President? To see more of Boomer check out his Instagram or Twitter page.

The US Government Has Entered The Canine Hybrid Game

The US Military has been experimenting with animal-human hybrids for quite some time. They recently completed a working prototype of the incredible Doghead Man. This military marvel is next-level technology with the head and neck of a female dog surgically attached and completely integrated into that of a man. The almost supernatural strength, speed, agility, and senses of Doghead Man can outperform any soldier in the world! This super soldier will allow the United States to dominate the battlefield in the coming decades! Although, China is looming over the horizon with its own version of Doghead Man almost ready for release!🐶