A Lawyer Finds Herself In A Surreal Legal Hell

The horror anthology Tales From The Crypt finds an attorney within a surreal situation in the episode Let The Crime Fit The Punishment. A weaselly yet hot lawyer named Geraldine Ferrett, played by Catherine O’Hara, is brought into a small town court when he license place “Sue Em” is thought to be illegal. It seems her argument that it was in fact legal was about to stick when her odd looking public defender in a crazy wig inexplicably hands the judge a file. This file contains news stories of her legal exploits and court victories. The Judge doesn’t take kindly.

The punishment is corporal punishment despite it being against State law. She manages to have the case thrown out just before she was about to be whipped. Along the way she sees another prisoner with his nose cut off as punishment. It seems the court is  a house of horrors with insane punishments including death. Unfortunately they charge her with another crime and ends up before another judge who looks the same as her previous one. She ends up in pillory but gets to appeal before another judge who looks the same as the other two. There’s a claim that they’re related. One would think this is just one of those small isolated corrupt towns that are the stuff of some horror stories. However there’s too many supernatural elements.

Geraldine sees walking dead corpses blaming her for their woes. A door that exited into a hallway suddenly goes somewhere else. In end she gets public service which turns out to mean she becomes the new Public Defender for the court. The old one is all too happy to place himself in an electric chair to die and escape his nightmare. He tells her that he was a weasel attorney like herself and found himself trapped in the court of horrors. He is electrocuted by the walking dead corpses she saw earlier. Upon his death Geraldine suddenly has his suit and wig on. Now she’s damned to serve there forever…unless she can get public service for another lawyer who falls into the small town court trap!

The show never explains what is really going on throughout this surreal situation. Things would point to Geraldine perhaps dying in a car accident and finding herself in Hell or Purgatory? If it was an evil afterlife scenario then why go through the perplexing process of executing the Public Defender so she morphs in to his replacement? Maybe someone she wronged in a past court case has cursed her in some way? Is she in a nightmarish coma under a spell? Did she slip into a nightmare dimension? If the town is real then it certainly has a sinister supernatural being behind it. Perhaps a dark witch or gypsy looking for vengeance against certain types of people. Someone who clearly hates lawyers, except for Prosecutors, and those who break the law or manipulate it in any way. Either way Geraldine is apparently trapped there forever in a plausible immortal status until her death is approved by the court. If only a supernatural crime fighting team like Mystic Investigations discovered the towns existence. It would be shut down with extreme prejudice!

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