Why Is History Full Of Only Female Mermaids?

Where Are The Mermen?

MermanMost historical mythology, or what we call supernatural historical accounts, almost always speak of female Mermaid sightings.  This seems to be why the term Mermaid is used for the entire Merpeople, including Mermen.  In actuality Mermaids, and Mermen like to be known by their location.  Such as the Atlanteans of the undersea city of Atlantis in the North Atlantic Ocean. However all Merpeople are ultimately descendents of the lost continent of Atlantis no matter what ocean their community is located in.  Collectively the entire species are called Mermans (Scientific Name For Mermaids: Homo Delphinus Sapiens) which is the equivalent term of humans.  That being said the explanation for the lack of male Mermaids comes down to the role of human women in ancient times.  It was the men constantly at sea exploring, and warring while the women stayed on land minding the home, and children with little time to ever go anywhere near the ocean.  Naturally it’s the female Mermaids that are curious about human males, and it’s these males who observed, and recorded their encounters for history.

Had more women been on the high seas we would have reports of Mermen.  There’s also the fact that Mermen are under pressure to continue the Atlantean traditions, and be apart of the Mermaid collective under royal authority.  It’s engrained in them from a young age, and ambitions to explore are not instilled within them.  It’s the young Mermaids who are usually free spirits with curiosity of the world until their marriages are arranged, or they happen to fall in love with a Merman their family approves of.  Although like all Merpeople there is a time in their youth where they are allowed to visit human civilization to decide if they want to be apart of it, and be banished from the ocean forever.  Most male Mermaids partake of the journey as a rite of passage but almost always return even if they want to be human due to family loyalty, and guilt.  Unfortunately for you ladies out there it’s very unlikely you will find the Merman of your dreams on a beach on the night of a full Moon.  It’s the men who are more likely to have their Mermaid love fantasies come true.

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