Why Does The Full Moon Cause Werewolf Transformation?

Werewolf MoonThe Werewolf curse originated from a diabolical mix of dark witches, demons, hell hounds, and common wolves.  This witchcraft curse was bound, and powered to the unholy light energy of the Full Moon.  So why would a natural object like the Moon be unholy to begin with?  It wasn’t when originally created indirectly by the Omniverse God via astronomical evolution.  However he has had a mostly hands off policy to allow for various scenarios to play out in this, and other Universes.  This is why he did nothing when the Earthly Gods began forming, and claiming the Earth along with celestial objects such as the Moon.  The various Moon Gods, and Goddesses over many thousands of years transformed the composition of the Moon with their own unique life forces causing the reflected lunar light, and energy of the sun to no longer be holy.  Anything altered from the original Heavenly creation process is deemed unholy.  Although the lunar light is considered a very low level unholy light that doesn’t negatively affect anyone unless amplified, or cursed to do so.

Before the lunar light became unholy many beings of evil could not come out unless it was a New Moon.  In fact some beings such as Manticore’s find that the light isn’t quite unholy enough, and will perish in it’s rough rays.  So on the one hand the Earthly Gods opened the door for new dark creatures to exist all night long but on the other they protected the Moon from demons who would have turned it to full unholy light bringing deep pain, and suffering to the Earth.

The unholy light itself adds to a Werewolf’s power but it isn’t what actually causes the transformation since they change even under heavy cloud cover.  The light itself is a conduit for mystical energies that travel through clouds, and many other substances as well.  Although the addition of the moonlight adds to a Lycanthrope’s power.   Mystical energies created from the holy light of the sun are magically processed within the matter of the Moon controlled by various lunar Gods, and Goddesses.  Energies that are sometimes classified as unholy only because they have been altered from their original God given state.  Unholy enough to interact with the Demonic DNA of a Werewolf.

The mystical lunar energies are also altered by Mother Earth, aka Goddess Gaia, due to the omnipresence of her life force.  This creates opposite forces in the Northern, and Southern Hemispheres along with differing forces at the poles.  The Equator also becomes a neutral zone where a Werewolf can’t transform..  Advanced Werewolves can activate transformations even without a Full Moon by calling upon the lunar forces which are always around us. Although in much smaller quantities than the forces transported by the unholy lunar light.  In addition a Moon rock illuminated by the sun has been known to cause transmutation in Lycanthropes if the rock is extremely close to them.

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