Watch The Story Of Salem’s Witches Online

The Supernatural Story Of Salem’s Naughty Witches!
The Salem WitchesSalem is the sinister, and sometimes sexy, story of 17th century Salem witches up to all manner of mischief in Massachusetts!

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    • There was a particularly strong network of witch covens in the late 1600’s. The most powerful, and largest concentration in North America at the time. Apparently they were causing a little too much trouble, and exposed themselves to the human community. Hence the Salem Witch Trials on the historical surface but secretly there was a great battle taking place in the shadows between Witch Slayers, and Witches & Warlocks. These Witch Slayers refused to differentiate between good, and bad witches so it ended up bringing all witches good, and evil together. Many practitioners of magic died, and the rest were scattered across the 13 colonies.

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