Do Wicked Witches Melt In Water?

Is There A Magic Potion To Disintegrate A Dark Witch?
Dark Witch Water MeltIn the motion picture “The Wizard Of Oz” the wicked witch is seen melting into white vapors due to Dorothy, the witch slayer, throwing a mere bucket of water on her.  In reality a plain bucket of water would do absolutely nothing to any witch.  Unfortunately for green skinned witches they are more vulnerable than white witches due to the dark demonic magics they practice. If the movie was realistic then it would have to be a very special bucket of water.  In order to actually melt, or disintegrate, a dark witch, the water would need to be highly holy in nature.  Preferably blessed by a powerful Priest.  Although this alone would only repel a wicked witch causing some minor burns.  To destroy her you’d need to dilute the following within the holy water:

  1. A Large Handful Of Witchgrass (Juiced)
  2. A Cup Of Crushed Hagstone
  3. A Cup Of Colloidal Silver
  4. A Tablespoon Of Iron Sulfide
  5. A Teaspoon Of Holy Salt (Preferably From The Holy Lands)
  6. A Drop Of Blood From A Witch Hound (A Wolf Bloodhound Hybrid)
  7. A Dash Of Crushed Rubies (In reality those infamous ruby slippers should repel a witch rather than the witch wearing them.) (Optional unless dealing with an extra powerful witch)

With a bucket of this Dark Witch Destroyer you can rest assured no wicked witch will get Wicked Witchthe better of you!  And it does need to be a bucket, or 5 gallons of the potion, fully dousing them for a complete melting into nothingness.  Of course a small injection of this potion will also do the trick as well.  However getting close to a wicked witch is risky, and you have no way of knowing if they have a protective shield around their body. This potion requires no magic, other than a Priest blessing the water, so any novice can use it to deal with a dark witch.  Just be quick about it before they use their unholy powers upon you!

In addition, as a white witch myself, I hesitate to mention this but you can seriously harm, yet not melt, a white witch with a similar potion.  You just need to replace the holy water with unholy water blessed by a Dark Priest, and the holy salt with unholy black salt.  The colloidal silver would have to be replaced with double the Iron Sulfide while the crushed rubies would need to be swapped with crushed Obsidian. Thankfully the average individual isn’t going to find a Dark Priest in the local phone book!

The Flowers Of Love Spells

Rose HeartThe desire for love runs pretty strong in people. Through the ages, people have often turned to magic to find and keep a lover. Some spells for love can be quite elaborate, involving candles of a certain color, special incenses, and the appropriate moon phase, while others require only a handful of flower petals and a clear intent.
There are literally dozens of flowers and herbs that can be used in love spells, and I’ll be featuring four of them in this post. These are also edible, so I’ve included some information about that as well.
It is generally considered unethical to perform a love spell with a certain person in mind, as this interferes with their free will. Keep your focus on finding the person who is right for you, rather than someone you’re attracted to.  Read The Rest Of This Article By C. L. Hernandez At The Weird World Of C. L. Hernandez…

How To Make Four Easy Enchanted Charm Bags

CharmsHere are four fun and useful projects you can make using herbs, gemstones, and assorted bits of this and that. Three of these can be used for everyday situations, and one is just for fun.
When you are making your herbal charms, it is important to stay focused on what you want the charm to help you achieve. Try not to let your mind wander. It helps to make these in a quiet room with no distractions. If you like, you can burn a candle the same color as the cloth you are working with.
Note: White cloth can be used in place of any color, and a piece of quartz crystal can be substituted for any of the gemstones. Read The Rest Of This Article At The Weird World Of C. L. Hernandez…