Can Mermaids Mate And Have Kids?

Mermaid Beach LoveThey can’t have sex or reproduce in Mermaid form due to having no genitals. In the days before the impending doom of the lost continent of Atlantis the Wizard Mermis prepared his survival plan for its citizens. A mystical transformation into Mermaids, and Mermen so they could go on living in the seas forever! Mermis saw that the quest for sex, and it’s continued obsession, stood in the way of societal advancement. So he purposely decided the new race would have no genitals. That is except for brief times as humans when procreation was necessary to carry on the supernatural species.

Only at the stroke of Midnight during a Full Moon may they come ashore to mate. They become indistinguishable from humans beneath the waste while basking in the lunar light. People happening upon couples making love on the beach under a full moon may have in fact witnessed mermaids mating. The phrase for mermaid sex is “Alcyone Ceyx” or sometimes just Ceyx. Alcyone is the Greek Demi-Goddess of the sea, and moon. Ceyx is her husband. It is a sacred ceremony generally only partaken of twice in a Mercouples life. Each mating is meant to give one baby of each gender to keep the populace at 50% male, and 50% female. A conception always takes place but the pregnancy is virtually imperceptible to the eye, and could last anywhere from one month to over a year.

Unfortunately a mermaid baby can only be born under the light of a true blue moon! This is why there are so few mermaids. It must be the next blue moon so love making under a blue moon doesn’t create an instant birth. On the night of the full blue moon a mermaid will come ashore near the water’s edge. This is only on an area where the moon is actually blue hued due to various mystical forces. The Mother, Father, Siblings, Grandparents, and a birthing witch doctor come ashore on a secluded beach at the Witching Hour.  There the Birthing Ceremony takes place as all are in human form. Although most family members, and friends remain in merform at the waters edge. A canal is dug in the sand from the mother to the water. The baby is born into the sandy canal sliding down into the water where it quick takes Merbaby form in the designated Godparents arms. The parents, and the rest of the birthing party then enter the water to take possession of the child.

Legend has it that a newborn mermaid baby stolen away, and bathed in fresh water within 24 hours will permanently become a Mermaid Shapeshifter. In essence a superhuman who can change into Mermaid form at will regardless of salt water immersion. There is only one sparse record of such a being in the secret supernatural record. Apparently back in the late 1500’s Spanish Conquistadors kidnapped a Merbaby in Mexico. It’s unknown if this special person still exists today.

List Of Blue Moons Just In Case You Want To Comb The Beaches For Your Viewing Pleasure!

What Do Mermaids Smell Like?

Beached MermaidFrom a human perspective we obviously couldn’t smell Mermaids underwater. However if one came ashore still in their mermaid form they’d give off a unique indescribable fantastical floral scent of immense allure! It’s apart of their supernatural mystique. This includes a plethora of paranormal pheromones that exponentially attracts human males to these bosom baring oceanic beauties. When they take human form on the night of the full moon the aroma and pheromones are less noticeable but still apparent. Still even in that form they’d rarely require a bath nor use of deodorant, or perfume. The same goes for Mermen. Although their supernatural scent is less floral with more of a spicy aroma. They say even the coldest of human females grow weak in knees in the presence of the handsome, muscular, and highly pheromonal Mermen. All the above also goes for Demi-Mermaids, and Demi-Mermen.

What Is Zoopathy?

What Is Faunapathy?

Zoopathic ControlZoopathy, also called Faunapathy, is a psionic super power that grants one the ability to communicate telepathically with animals. Although the lowest end of Zoopathy is simple animal empathy, or the feeling of an animal’s emotional state.  The next level of advancement would be to transmit emotions to the animal.  This creates a bond with the animal that may, or may not, allow for some level of control over the creature.  Mid level Faunapathic powers entail reading an animal’s mind, and translating it into something understood by humans.  Then sending simple human thoughts to animals in a format they can comprehend.

Advanced users can carry on complete mental, or voice conversations which is also called Zoolingualism.  Conversations are of course limited by the animals intelligence, and their natural vocal linguistic abilities.  Rare amazing individuals with complete Zoolingualism would be able to carry out real intelligent human conversations with animals both mentally, and vocally.  This is due to having the ability to temporarily increase the animal’s intelligence, and even their physical vocal cords in some cases.  Somewhat like an advanced computer interfacing with a primitive one in order to carry out a complex task upon the inferior system.  Once the interface of the Omnilingualist has ceased the animal loses his new found understanding of the world. Interestingly Zoolingualism is a sub-power of Omnilingualism which in turn is a power high level Gods possess. Most notably by the Omniverse God.

Extremely advanced Zoopathy can result in hypnotic mind control that compels one or more animals to do the power users bidding.  In the wrong hands this can be an extremely dangerous weapon when using the animal as an attack tool.  In the right hands animal attacks can be halted to save lives. Zoopathic masters may direct huge herds of animals across great expanses with the mere will of their minds!  Some say successful Native American tribes often had a Faunapathic in their midst. One who could direct bison in their direction for use as food, clothing, and shelter.

Faunapathy can be limited to one, or more species for some while others can handle just Faunapathy Powerabout every animal on Earth! Those who can communicate with more advanced species, such as dolphins, and gorilla’s, will begin to manifest the ability to utilize their powers on the minds of human beings to a limited extent.  Humans being the most advanced animal on Earth.  Although generally Zoopathy is limited to less complex minds, and most don’t advance to human empathy, telepathy, or mind control.  In addition, depending on the level of one’s Zoopathic powers, they may only be able to communicate, or control, one animal at a time. Highly advanced users can handle a large herd, or pack of beasts depending on the animal’s mental state of peace, or anger. Angry animals are always harder to manage whether by normal human hands, or those wielding wondrous psychic powers!

The highest degrees of Zoopathy are usually only seen in supernatural creatures such as Gods, Vampires, Mermaids, etc.  Mystic Investigations very own Rebecca Abernathy is a Demi-Mermaid with Faunapathic abilities.  When it comes to sea animals she has varying degrees of communication, and mind control.  With all other animals she has some level of empathetic powers, and can often exude a calming effect on them.  Due to Mermaids having the ability to communicate telepathically with two of the top 10 smartest animals, Octopus & Dolphins, they can have some level of hypnotic hold on humans as well.

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