The Rebellious Rise Of The Bigfoot

Since 2017 Mystic Investigations has been tracking an ever-growing Sasquatch rebellion. The Bigfoot, sometimes called the missing link, are a distant relative of humankind genetically altered by extraterrestrial’s experimenting with the supernatural in North America. They were the first intelligent species on the continent. These gentle furry giants welcomed the Native Americans who migrated here from Asia and the Pacific Islands. Most tribes saw the Sasquatch as a sacred creature to be revered. Some even worshiped them! The Bigfoot later aided Natives with the new Werewolf threat and later the arrival of European immigrants. Certainly, the Natives and Bigfoot shared the common threat of intolerable invaders. As modern civilization grew the proud Sasquatch people were forced further into the deep forests and mountainous regions. They only wished to be left alone but non-Natives refused to do so! They sought to uncover their secrets and even hunt them down! Eventually, the Bigfoot was somewhat forgotten amid the folklore of other paranormal beings and also unverified tall tales of the great American West. Read The Rest On Our Paranormal News Blog…

What Scents Will Attract A Sasquatch So I Can Capture It?

It’s not likely that you’re going to capture the mystical Sasquatch whose height can be up to 9 feet tall, and weight pushing 700 pounds. Nobody has ever succeeded in this task. Not even top flight supernatural hunters including Werewolf Hunters.

The Bigfoot subsists on a diet of pine cones, and needles. However you won’t be able to lure it with those things since it lives in the middle of coniferous forests. The only aroma I can think of that you could get hold of are traditional Native American herbal tobacco mixes smoked at various ceremonies paying homage to the Sasquatch who was always a friend, and protector of the Indians. Some types of incense might work as well to attract the Bigfoot. Consult your local Indian tribe to see if they can help you out.

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