The Diabolical Dark Demi-Demon Claus!

Most people revel in the joy and warmth surrounding the events of Christmas Day as the sun sets and they sit down for a hearty Christmas dinner. On the other hand some nefarious figures look upon Christmas night as Dark Christmas Eve. These Dark Pagans, Demonic Worshippers, and entities of evil decorate their upside down black Christmas tree with a Demon statue on top in anticipation of a momentous event of evil. For upon that night one of the most evil and powerful entities on Earth will visit them to imbue them with dark powers, grant evil wishes, or leave gifts of thanks for the evil they perpetuate in their lives. This entity is known as the Anti-Claus whose full name is Claudius Claus. Usually called Claude Claus since the 17th century. He is in fact the long lost evil twin brother of Santa Claus who was given up not long after his birth. Unlike Santa he was raised by horrible abusive foster parents deep into the black arts. He did not know for a long time who his brother was but once he hooked up with powerful evil forces in the paranormal community, he learned who he really was and what his dark destiny would be.  Read The Rest Of The Dark Claus Tale Of Terror On Our Main Website…

Santa Claus Captured, And Interrogated By The Government!

Santa Claus QuestionedOkay maybe not for real but the video above is what would happen if any government got hold of Old Saint Nick.  Especially considering that Santa Claus is number one on the US Governments secret Supernatural Most Wanted List.  He’s on it merely because anyone with paranormal power is considered a threat to the government. After the interrogation there would be the harsh experimentation, and cold scientific study of Santa to discover the secret of his powers. Of course we know he’s a powerful Human-Angel Hybrid.  In order to capture him they would need to employ a virtual armada of supernatural beings, and most likely enlist the aid of the Anti-Claus.  The Anti-Claus is Santa’s evil twin brother, and a Human-Demon Hybrid.  However that isn’t likely since he’s number four on the governments Paranormal Most Wanted List. It’s only plausible if they managed to capture the Dark Claus, and then struck a deal with him if he helped them capture Santa Claus.

Thankfully this scenario is beyond ludicrous when you consider that a Demi-Angel like Santa Claus is a virtual God.  Not to mention that North Pole City is the most impenetrable metaphysical fortress on Earth!  They would most certainly have to acquire the “Claus Asset” while he’s away from the North Pole. Perhaps while delivering presents on Christmas Eve. Even if they captured Santa, and were able to suppress his Angel half thereby greatly weakening him, it’s a fair bet Heavenly Angelic forces would intervene!

The Demi-Angel Santa Claus & The Legend Of Christmas

The Miraculous Journey From Saint Nicholas To Santa Claus
Santa Sleigh RideChristmas is the antithesis of Halloween.  Just as the forces of evil look forward to Halloween so do the forces of good look forward to Christmas.  It is the one day of the year that the forces of truth, justice, and happiness marshal together to bring peace to humankind.  In the same way the forces of good combat the evil of Halloween by utilizing the magical innocence of children, so to does Christmas follow the same path via The Spirit Of Christmas.  The man who made Christmas what it is today is of course the most famous, and probably the most powerful Earthly supernatural being of all time known as Santa Claus. A Human-Angel Hybrid who single handedly created the greatest paranormal holiday of all time! Read The Rest Of The Real Supernatural Santa Claus Story…