A Thirteen Nights Of Halloween Watch Is In Effect!

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Throughout the year paranormal activity generally ebbs and flows around mysterious Moons in their fully lit glory. Their metaphysical energies shaping the supernatural destinies of those in its path. Various holidays alter this path as well. The Christmas season often brings a welcome lull in dark entities while those who walk the way of righteousness flourish forth. Halloween, on the other hand, tends to bring out quite a few denizens of darkness amid the joyous celebrations of costumes and candy. This makes sense considering Halloween is a holiday about the balance between good and evil. Halloween has its visible candy coating with an underlying core of darkness kept at bay by a mantle of harmonious peace seeking to bask in the light.🎃

The September Autumnal Equinox signals the bloom of fantastical foliage flourishing with mesmerizing colors. This is when we begin to see a steady increase in paranormal activity on all fronts. This includes both light and dark. The Spirit Of Halloween hangs heavy in the October air as malevolent monsters come out of the sinister shadows seemingly overshadowing all that is good in the world. Things only get worse during the 13 Nights Of Halloween that begins on October 19th through October 31st. With the arrival of the first night of Halloween, we see an exponential increase in alarming activity across the supernatural spectrum. This includes both metaphysical and physical horrors big and small!👻

Always be alert of your surroundings as the holy sun fades forebodingly behind the dark horizon. Never let your guard down while you waft through the wayward waters of the Midnight Witching Hour through the Devils Hour. Those into late night partying will be most at risk in encountering paranormal perplexities! Be vigilant of vile entities afoot until the initial embers of dawn light the skies ablaze with iridescent hope! Stay safely indoors in a non-haunted house delightfully decorated with frightful fervor. Carve your Jack-O-Lanterns with great care and let their holy candlelight repel all evil! Keep your honorable intent to don costumes and distribute sweet treats in the spirit of the Halloween season. These meager measures will aid in protecting you from that which goes blasphemously bumping through the nefarious nights! As always be ready to reply with appropriate countermeasures for dark spirits, poltergeists, mischievous ghosts, demons, vampires, werewolves, zombies, The Jack-O-Lantern Monster, and other maniacal members of the monster mash on the hunt for humans! Simply search our website for the answers you seek…

The Werewolf Menace

Take extra precautions for the Halloween Blood Moon is over 80% of Full and Werewolves are angrily afoot! Remember they don’t need a full Moon to transmute to wolf form on Halloween due to the demonic energies running rampant!🐺

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