Paranormal Planetary Alignment Alert

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During the pre-dawn hours on January 20th to February 20th, 2016 there will be a rare planetary alignment of five planets which can be viewed in the Southern skies.  Within the same skyscape you’ll be able to view Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter forming an astronomical arc.  Mercury will be difficult to see due to being so close to the horizon. Unlike some planetary alignments the respective namesake Gods of each planet will not make an appearance.  These Solar System Gods led by the Roman God Jupiter are at odds with the Greek God Zeus who rules over the largest coalition of Earthly Gods in preparation for future battles of Armageddon.  They’re always looking for a way to move their spirits upon the Earth, and wreak havoc for Zeus along with those who follow him.  Fortunately it’s not easy to occupy the space of another God, aka Goddess Gaia Mother Earth.  However planetary alignments pool Godly metaphysical energies thereby aiding in the neutralization of Gaia’s supernatural shielding.  Goddess Gaia is the strongest of the planetary Gods due to the overwhelming life forces that reside in her body, aka Earth.  Her consciousness had been missing for a long time now but recently returned during the 3rd Battle Of Armageddon.  In absence of that her sub-consciousness always remained.  Unfortunately she has been ordered by an undisclosed higher God to stay out of the Armageddon conflict, and allow Zeus to continue as the figurehead for the Earthly Gods.  Now that she’s fully conscious again it’s next to impossible for the Solar System Gods to infiltrate her sacred confines.

Despite this the planetary alignment does have a paranormal repercussion.  That being the focused metaphysical energy that can also be used with the up coming Full Wolf Moon in conjunction with mystical spells by practitioners of magic.  Great news for those who wield magic on the light side, and yet at the same time bad news since the dark side of magic will receive these benefits as well.  Expect possible dangerous dark witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers to be out in full force a few hours before sunrise for the next month!  They will have no issue with utilizing you as a demonic sacrifice!  There’s also the possibility of impromptu battles of magic taking place as forces of good, and evil converge on key supernatural hot spots. Steer clear of secluded rural areas since this is the most likely spot for diabolical dark rituals! Take care as you view the awe inspiring astronomical skyscape.

January Wolf Moon Werewolf Watch
Normally Full Moon’s that are at least 80% of full can cause some Werewolves to transform. The overwhelming planetary energy will supersede the lunar energies until the Moon is 100% full.  So January’s Wolf Moon wrought with a plethora of rabid wolf packs will only take place on one night as portrayed in many science fiction horror TV shows, and films. At least something good comes from this other than the celestial spectacle.  Although there’s still another negative. On that 100% full Moon night Werewolves will be especially voracious in their appetite for human, and animal flesh.  They will be hulked out even greater than a Super Moon Werewolf, and will no longer shy away from urban areas!  There’s also the fact they will act as conduits for the Moon that in turn focuses the planetary energy of the Solar System Gods. This opens the window for those Gods to possess Werewolves, and even control entire wolf packs!  Only on that night can their spirits reside on Earth confined to Lycanthrope form.  You’ll know you’ve come across a Werewolf God when it actually speaks to you, and displays magical powers! On that full Moon night of January 24th we recommend barricading yourself indoors with all manner of religious artifacts, wolfsbane, and silver!

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