New Moon Manticore Watch

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Unholy ManticoreConditions are favorable for Manticore activity on the surface of the Earth due to the New Moon, and increased openings to the Underworld which is the physical manifestation of Hell on Earth that exists deep underground.  Manticores are demonic beasts that resemble lions with dragons wings, scorpions tails, and a humanoid like face.  They also shoot fire from their mouths, and have razor sharp teeth along with glowing crimson or orange eyes.  Their echoing other worldly growl is the most spine chilling sound you’ve ever heard!  They are twice as big as lions, and crave human flesh over all else! Despite their amazing physical prowess the true danger lies in their sentient intelligence.  Once they target you as prey they will relentlessly hunt you down.  The Manticore would rather die than give up on devouring it’s chosen prey.  They are considered one of the most deadly supernatural creatures on Earth!

Most paranormal beings thrive in moonlight but the Manticore loathes all forms of light except 100% unholy lights which can be found in the dark bowels of the Underworld.  If it’s exposed to even 3% moonlight it will instantly disintegrate into ashes.  So every New Moon is a risk since they can venture on to the surface if they should happen to find an Underworld exit.  Luckily this is rare along with they themselves being rare creatures.  Your odds of running across a Manticore are greater than being struck by lightening three times in a row.  However just as you take precautions to not be struck by lightening so to must you be cautious during the 0% illumination New Moon.  In addition cloud cover with anything slightly lower than 3% full Moon can be dangerous as well. Thankfully the mystical lunar energies of a greater illuminated Moon can be felt by these hellish beasts repelling them back into the ground where they belong.

We recommend staying indoors during the New Moon as the global spell keeping vampires from your home has some effect on Manticores. Although if they target you nothing will stop their ferocious rampage upon you!  Known repellents provide some level of protection against them but nothing anywhere guaranteeing 100% safety.  Generally once you see one you’re already dead but don’t let that stop you from a futile run for your life.  Some known repellents include holy artifacts that work on all demonic based entities such as holy water, crosses, etc.  What works even better are Moon artifacts.  Of course the ultimate would be a piece of Moon rock from the lunar surface itself which of course nobody outside the government or high level science institutions can get a hold of.  Although pieces of lunar rock have been found on Earth.  Some high level practitioners of magic can attract Moon dust from space in a large enough quantity to dust upon your body providing some level of protection.  Silver has always had a mystical connection to the Moon and has Manticore repellent properties as well.  Gold has a mystical connection to the Sun which would work as well.  The gemstone known as Moonstone also can be useful in keeping Manticores away from you.  In addition simply wearing pearls, or another Moon connected element, can add a bit more security to your nights out on the town during the perilous New Moon.

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