The Pandemic Impact On The Spirit Of Halloween

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many communities are canceling Trick Or Treating, or reducing All Hallows Eve activities. Many have opted to cancel their annual Halloween parties as well. Naturally, this weakens The Spirit Of Halloween which is also known as The Samhain Spirit. The Spirit is an enchanted entity that is not self-aware but rather an extraordinary metaphysical energy force. It is created through the mind of Halloween Queen Shala via a mystical conduit that channels the human collective consciousness of those celebrating All Hallows Eve. In particular, the unique innocent magic of children. The enchanted energy of kids is paranormally powerful thus the reason the major holidays focus on children. The Spirit Of Halloween is meant to bring a required planetary balance between good and evil that feeds into the greater Universal force of balanced Karma. Unlike other holidays, its power can be utilized by both those who fight for the forces of supernatural good and evil!

The Spirit Of Halloween

The Halloween Spirit is ultimately fueled by celebration of the Halloween holiday. A huge part of that is Trick-O-Treating. So how much will the Halloween Spirit be weakened? Will this bring about more evil? Most likely yes! Especially with the Double Blood Moons of October. One on October 1st and a Blue Moon on Halloween itself giving us the triple threat Blue Blood Halloween Moon! These lunar energies create a feedback loop through time acting as one power booster to the forces of darkness! This is why paranormal activity has been off the charts this month and continues to get more insane as we get closer to Samhain.

Trick Or Treating Will Finally Be On Halloween

That being said, there is the advantage of Trick Or Treating actually taking place on October 31st. Many communities choose the Saturday before Halloween so it’s not on a school night. There’s also the factor of supposedly pestering those who have worked all day long and don’t feel like dealing with dozens of people coming to their door. In essence Halloween Grinches! This year Halloween finally falls on a Saturday which is lucky and provide maximum focus for enchanted energies. Halloween truly being celebrated on October 31st will exponentially stoke the Samhain Spirit in places where spooky festivities are going on. Celebrations extending into the Witching Hour, and beyond to dawn, will further aid in strengthening the Halloween Spirit. In the end, there should be equal balance between good and evil as we enter November 1st Hallowmas All Saints Day. On that day Angelic forces swoop down from Heaven to clean up various supernatural messes in accordance with The Supernatural Secrecy Pact. The energy of righteousness they leave behind will further compensate the light side of Halloween.

Far Worse Scenarios!

If this was a more catastrophic pandemic, such as a Zombie Apocalypse, then balance would surely fail! The forces of darkness would be triumphant and take over the Spirit Of Halloween thus plunging Earth into an unspeakable Hell! It’s plausible the well hidden Halloween Island, where Queen Shala lives, would be found by those who would do her harm. As an Angel-Demon Hybrid, she has enemies on both sides of the aisle as they consider her an abomination. Those of us in the secret supernatural world with open minds hail her hallowed rule over the Halloween Season! As it stands now the Samhain Spirit is at over 100%. However, a lot of that emanates from the forces of evil! If bewitching balance is not achieved by Hallowmas then that percentage will plummet! This is determined at a sacred ceremony on Halloween Island.🎃

Don’t Cancel Halloween!