Are Parallel Universes Real?

Quantum Physicists believe an unimaginable number of Parallel Universes exist in which all mathematical probabilities are realized. They are all contained within Multiverses that started with Big Bangs, and other Universe creating phenomena. Certainly, the collection of information and the experiencing of every life possible is the main goal of higher dimensional beings known as Gods.  And yes Gods of varying dimensional levels exist because everything must exist in an infinite reality unless halted by powerful pure thought beings. We ourselves ascend to Godhood after death in the higher dimensions above. Thankfully it’s believed the top level God, along with various other merciful lower dimensional Gods, prevents mindless Hell scenarios that serve no purpose when it comes to the growth of one’s soul.

Just as all of us travel four dimensionally through time into the future so to do we travel five dimensionally to parallel Universes at every Plank Length or smallest unit of time.  This is the product of the pure thought foundation of our reality that lies in the minds of the Gods within which our Universes reside. It’s also a creation of our own Godlike pure thought allowing us to experience every choice there is to make in life whether we realize it or not.  That is the ultimate gift of Free Will.

As indicated in the above video we unknowing receive signals from other Parallel Universes due to the fact that they exist within the same space, or more precisely five-dimensional Hyperspace.  These parallel realities are only separated by the frequency at which their space-time and energy strings vibrate at.  However, our complex minds are connected to them via our subtle 5-D travels.  It’s been suggested that some choices in life could be guided by having some intuition of possible future outcomes.  Various Psychics may have visions this way.  Visions that allow them to ensure negative probabilities don’t occur.

The man in the video above randomly shifting through Parallel Universes could be the victim of a high-level practitioner of magic who may have cursed him.  Although, he most likely possesses a once latent PSI psychokinetic power now manifesting.  Probably Hyperchronokinesis, or Quantum Ergokinesis.  It’s always a dangerous time when one’s latent untapped superpowers begin manifesting.  He has a limited window to master them before he finds himself in a parallel Universe that ends his existence!  Especially a parallel Universe without an Earth where he finds himself in the middle of outer space! Although in this particular instance it appears his death simply sends him to another reality.  It could be he duplicates at a quantum sub-atomic level at death and then phases into another reality leaving his original dead body behind. This extraordinary individual could be following an immortal five-dimensional path to places human imagination has never ventured!  Will he ever realize he has the power to control his 5-D travels, or will he forever be helpless to stop it?  Will his thoughts inadvertently send him to a wretched dystopian reality, or guide him to a perfected utopian paradise?

At a fundamental level in our sub-conscious mind we’re connected to our Parallel Universe selves across this great Multiverse expanse.  Certainly, our 5-D soul is a strong link.  A spirit of an exponential number of our parallel Universe counterparts into one unified super being worthy of Godhood.  Even if you have no special powers, or feel you have no intuition of parallel realities there is a revolutionary system to help you visualize, and access your Parallel Universal self in a desirable reality.  Universes where you’ve attained wealth, fame, love, and all your dreams come true.  This amazing program is called Quantum Jumping.  The video below provides an easy to understand description of this Parallel Universe Program:

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