What Effect Does The New Moon Have On Werewolves?

Full Moon nights give rise to monstrous Werewolf transformations in humans stricken with the Lycanthrope Virus. During all other nights and during all times of daylight, they remain in a superhuman form. These individuals enjoy enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses without being a mindless hairy monster. During the period of time when the Moon is between 1% and 33% of Full, there is a noticeable decrease in paranormal power. The New Moon is 0% of Full as the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same elliptical longitude. This first lunar phase of the month sees the Moon sitting between the Earth and Sun thus causing no lunar light to reach Earth.

The Way Of The Werewolf

Lunar light is lit with photons ripe with unholy metaphysical energy. This energy is the true trigger of the werewolf transformation rather than the light itself. That is why werewolves still exist on cloudy and stormy nights. Some photons of light still get through cloud cover and the full brunt of the metaphysical energy still showers down upon the Earth since it was well on the way, to begin with. Once the enchanted energy is a certain distance within Earth’s atmosphere it doesn’t require photons to carry it the rest of the way. When the energy interacts with the werewolf’s demonic DNA transformation is inevitable.🐺

The New Moon Werewolf

During the New Moon period Werewolves are at their weakest and virtually devoid of power. It is the one time of the month they feel like normal humans. It is also the time they are most vulnerable from the attack of enemies such as Werewolf Hunters and Vampires! More or less they’re just like any person who is in excellent physical shape. Often werewolves will keep a low profile during this time and be on extra alert for danger. They usually train in various martial arts and weapons use to aid in defending themselves while in human form. Interestingly enough when the Moon is exactly at 0% of Full they can’t be killed by silver alone. Although, they can be eliminated by all manner of other means. The New Moon period of humanity lasts 24 hours precisely 12 hours before and after the 0% phase.🌚

🗒️✏️Related Note: Non-Pure Breed Lycan Werewolves not interested in passing the Werewolf Virus to their baby will attempt to conceive on the day or night of the New Moon. The chances of having a werewolf child increase when both parents are werewolves and the conception happens near a Full Moon.🌝
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