What’s The Supernatural Source Of Hysterical Strength?

Hysterical Strength is a spontaneous superhuman strength exhibited in normal humans during times of life and death situations. The most common scenarios involve people lifting cars off those trapped underneath. The super-strength seemingly has no basis in the reality of the person’s muscular structure. It only lasts for that brief moment required to save lives. So far scientific explanation has been inconclusive as it is difficult to duplicate the conditions that contribute to this phenomenon. A major increase in adrenaline is one potential reason but it’s unlikely for such a hormone to supply physical power instantly. Some also say that norepinephrine might be a factor.

In most of these superhero situations, it is actually a metaphysical energy surge into the biological body that gives these people perplexing power. An overwhelming focused will to accomplish a feat to save a life can cause a direct command to one’s very soul. The enchanted energy then flows into the spirit around the soul which in turn enters the Chakras of the body. It is there that the metaphysical translates into the physical. Those who suffer no injury as a result of their fantastic feats often have the energy to manifest a protective metaphysical matter shield within muscles and bones. People unable to become these temporary superhumans often have a weakened spirit from an especially miserable and difficult life. Having unhealthy Chakras is another major factor in not manifesting spontaneous super strength. You can learn how to heal and align your Chakras in an online Masterclass…

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