What Are Fuzzy Monsters?

Fuzzy MonsterA Fuzzy Monster is a paranormal phenomenon in which a metaphysical manifestation attracts physical matter.  Any metaphysical energy spirit, human or otherwise, that may briefly phase into our reality with a strong focused emotion ends up leaving said emotion unintentionally anchored here.  The astral emotion itself is on it’s own in this reality while the host being is in the Afterlife unaware of what it left behind.  The enchanted emotion then attracts an array of emotions from any living beings it comes across as it invisibly orbs about erratically.  An eclectic array of emotions might yield an extremely brief metaphysical matter form but it only lasts for less than a second unable to maintain cohesion.

It’s electromagnetic energy increases over time, and may be responsible for that unexplained minor flickering of your lights, or barely noticeable distortion of your television picture that happens once in a blue moon.  It would be a very small disruption as the emotion energy orb is only as large as a golf ball.  The electromagnetism of the invisible orb then attracts stray hair, dust, lint, cobwebs and anything else that can have a static charge. As it forms into a physical entity it searches for a home because it begins losing it’s ability to jolt about at will. The energized entity is attracted to homes or buildings where strong emotions exist whether positive or negative based. Soon it resembles the picture above, and forms into a type of metaphysical animal known as the Fuzzy Monster!

Eyes, and other environmental sensing mechanisms begin to form as it assimilates physically into our reality.  This occurs via spontaneously tapping into the base Non-Corporeal Energy informational programming of our Universe as dictated by the higher dimensional Gods!  Once in a home or commercial operation it moves about on it’s droopy legs of mostly hair mopping up more material along the way.  It may be responsible for various appliance malfunctions if it gets clogged in anything. It’s actually the most common cause of clogged drains, and hairballs your cat coughs up!  However the real danger is the continued exposure to it’s electromagnetic radiation which is thought to be responsible for those unexplained cancers in people who otherwise do everything right health wise!  The danger is greatest at night when the Fuzzy Monster drags itself across sleeping people due to the attraction of our own metaphysical energy auras. They especially like the hair on our heads.  They are often responsible for static electricity hair when you wake up in the morning, and that feeling that something is touching you in that foggy moment of just waking up.  Once you move they dart away into a dark corner!

What Can Be Done To Get Rid Of Fuzzy Monsters?

The Dyson Fuzzy Monster Eradicator!

The simplest solution is to keep your house, or business as clean as possible!  Don’t give these little critters more material to build their bodies on.  Always clean behind, and under furniture. Don’t leave anything to chance! In an extremely clean building they will eventually be spotted.  Their instincts will tell them to freeze as they can feel eyes upon them.  You will assume it’s some narley hairy dust ball you totally missed in your previous cleaning efforts. Vacuuming them up will literally eradicate them thereby melding their spirits back into their Afterlife host who will now have the disturbing memories of being a furry Lilliputian creature!  Memories we will all have at some point in the Afterlife since our spirit form has phased into the physical plane in one parallel Universe or another. So yes each of us is in essence a Fuzzy Monster somewhere! Believe it or not